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11 – A glimpse at the Universal in us

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Bell’s Theorem (the inherent capacity of natural systems to attain a cohesive form through the interconnectedness of their component elements [see posts 7 & 9]) is but one of the theories that describe the fundamental characteristics of our Universe.

 Other theories describe further characteristics, but they have never been grouped together; and when they are, they give us a glimpse at a universal blueprint from which all natural systems in our Universe, including you and me, evolve into cohesive and dynamic forms.

 The purpose of Vision for a New World is to introduce a new Paradigm, where this universal blueprint is the fundamental source of the evolutionary Process moving towards Complexity by endowing natural systems with the capacity, and the ingenuity, to transform and be transformed by environments.

Under our current Paradigm we see the natural world as something mechanical and detached; something created for us to exploit and consume. Under the new Paradigm we can see ourselves as natural systems grown out of the natural world into utterly unique human beings, while remaining subject to universal mandates; women, when experiencing the miracle of pro-creation within themselves, have understood this for millennia.

The Theories below give a glimpse at the universal in us.

Natural systems are:

Cohesive through the interconnectedness of all components. Bell’s Theorem

Innately driven to attain, and sustain, optimum states of equilibrium between energy and mass contents (E=mc2). Einstein’s Relativity and the Laws of Thermodynamics

Syntheses of particle-like and wave-like complementary properties. Bohr’s Complementarity

Innately pre-programmed to unfold into relatively pre-determined structural configuration amidst the uncertainty of an infinite set of probabilities. Heisenberg’s and Pascal’s Uncertainty and Probability Principles

Completely dependent on energy dissipation yet able to use energy sources to transform into higher levels of complexity. Prigogine’s Dissipative Structures

Self-contained, self-generating, and self-perpetuating while maintaining a fundamental yet adaptable configuration. Maturana & Valera’s Autopoietic Systems

Pre-determined by internal/external environments yet endowed with a relative degree of freedom to adapt and project adaptation into the future. Darwin’s Evolution

Self-organizing through the reiteration, at all levels, of an overruling yet supple evolutionary model. Mandelbrot Set

Catalysts for transformation. Quantum Field Theory

Some of these universal characteristics are easy to apply, others will require further explanation. This is what I will do on further posts. But whether we accept these characteristics as universal or not, they do describe what we are and how we evolve as natural systems. They describe the blueprint we are born with and share with the rest of Nature. They describe the universal in us from which we become common components of an evolving species yet remain utterly unique and pregnant with possibilities.

Revised 10/21/16

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10 – The indoctrination of the human mind is a horrible crime …

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

To obfuscate the mind, especially the young mind, for the sole purpose of controlling it is a horrendous crime. We are told lies, over and over, laced with the insinuation of a threat, or a punishment, until the mind gives in, and we are subdued. And introspection and critical thinking are taken away from us. 

The indoctrination into false beliefs begins from the moment we are born. We are told, over and over, that we are created with the mandate to control and consume Nature. We are told, over and over, that the fulfillment of one’s wants is what matters even if the world around us is being destroyed. We are told, over and over, that ‘the word of God’ is to avenge and kill. Thus we grow up believing it is our Right, without taking responsibility for our actions, to annihilate and torture not only those who do not accept our beliefs, but also the world that sustains us and gives us life. What a monumental and brutal set of delusions we have been forced to accept!

And to think that this level of irrationality is forced upon us with the sole purpose of perpetuating destructive political and religious ideologies. And to know that our true nature is to preserve and re-generate; that we are born full of curiosity and wonder and innocence. But an incredible need to love and be loved, and a compelling urge to adapt and survive, make us vulnerable and easy to bend.

The indoctrination of the human mind is such horrible crime because it is perpetrated to instigate in us behaviors against our own nature when we are most vulnerable.

Imagine instead if we were taught to respect one another and the world that gives us a temporary yet undeniably powerful form of existence. Imagine instead if we were taught what Science has already discovered but is too restricted by its own limitations.

Just imagine!

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