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19 – I am not ‘me’ or ‘them’, I am both.

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Wars, genocide, hate, bigotry, rape, deceit, starvation, decimation of species, imposition of ignorance, unparalleled levels of corruption that send millions into abject poverty and despair while few are allowed to embezzle and accumulate obscene wealth … As we look at Humanity it is obvious that the premises of the Paradigm we live by are not only wrong, but extremely biased and destructive. Beliefs in a species that is separate from and superior to Nature, and that we have the god-given right to control and exploit, are devastating visions to live by.

We are not born upon the earth to rule and destroy, we are born out of the earth, gestated and nurtured to grow into organic systems that depend on the environment for survival. We grow out of the earth not by ‘divine intervention’ but as common compounds of cells, a pulsing heart, a driving sexuality, and a mind that thinks and reflects and make choices but cannot exist without Nature.

The purpose of Vision for a New World is to introduce a New Paradigm based, not on the ancient and destructive premises of separation and control, but on the premise that all natural systems – atoms, cells, human beings, planets, stars, galaxies – are united through a Universal Blueprint, a master plan for building a cohesive yet adaptable structure/organism/system innately driven towards order and complexity (see Post 11 for a list of Theories that describe some of the characteristics of this Blueprint).

Let’s try some universal characteristics of the Universal Blueprint, the master plan on you and me: We both grow a relatively pre-determined structural design, and keep it cohesive and give it direction and feeling through the interconnectedness of the entire range of our components (Bell’s Theorem). We feel this intimate interconnectedness of everything in us in conscious and unconscious ways; consciously, in the intensity and untamed pleasure-pain-agony-glory of an orgasm; unconsciously, in the way we maintain our bodies in optimum yet fluctuating states of equilibrium while consuming and dissipating energy sources (Relativity) i.e. we eat and rest to re-store spent energy, and then we use the re-stored energy to fuel actions and reactions until we get spent again. Although we are pre-determined by internal and external environments, we are also endowed with a relative degree of freedom to affect or be affected by the evolutionary movement in which we exist (Evolution) i.e. we can change our surroundings and our lives, and we can be changed by them, can we not?

Another universal characteristic is the concept of Complementarity in Nature. Introduced by Niels Bohr, the Danish Physicist who was one of the founders of Quantum Theory, the concept substantiates the fact that natural systems have properties that may appear contradictory but are instead complementary and essential to the system: Light, for instance, is made of atomic particles we call Photons, and it is also made of the wave-like patterns photons create as they interact with environments. It is obvious that for analytical purposes we can certainly study individual photons with the exclusion of light waves, and vice versa, but those analyses are nothing more than complementary expressions of the same phenomenon. Thus, depending on the observation, we may say that Light is either particle-like or wave-like. But Light is not one or the other, it is both.

 It is the same with our Mind. Our brain is made of cells we call Neurons, yet it is also the wave-like patterns neurons create (thought) as they interact with environments. It is true that we can study a single neuron with the exclusion of the wave-like patterns of our thoughts, and vice versa, but those are just complementary expressions of the phenomenon of the Mind. The Mind is not one or the other, it is both.

It is the same with Humankind. Our species is made of unique individual human beings like you and I, yet it is also the wave-like patterns of growth and motion and direction that as a multi-billion-unit-organism we make as we interact with environments. It is obvious that we can focus on a single human being with the exclusion of the whole species, and vice versa, but those are just complementary expressions of the same phenomenon. Humankind is not one or the other, we are both at the same time.

In other words, we are individual and utterly unique AND the species we call Humankind, not just ‘me’ or ‘them’, both at once.

 This is a beautiful Truth. But we don’t want any of it! Our political, economic and religious doctrines do not want us to understand that our individuality is an expression of one powerful and amazing organism that, although relatively determining our evolution, we can also determine. The truth frightens us. Its seekers are punished. And we don’t want to be punished.

Revised July 2017

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18 – Relativity [E=mc2] and us …

Monday, November 1st, 2010

The beauty and significance of Einstein’s e=mc2 have not been generally grasped by the non-mathematical mind, mainly because the explanation of the equation does not give us a frame of reference. Einstein discovered Nature’s innate search for equilibrium, and he quantified it with a body in mind; in his own words: “The mass of a body is a measure of its energy content.” But under our current understanding of the equation we do not know whose, or what kind of body he was talking about.

There is no refuting the facts that 1 – all things in Nature … molecules, cells, bone structure, trees, us, metals, gases, mountains, planets, suns, etc., etc. … whether we can see them or not, are bodies or systems made of congregations of atoms, and 2- that, to continuously exist as a cohesive unit, these bodies or systems must find a way to sustain a relatively constant equilibrium between their energy and mass contents. This is the meaning of the equal symbol in the equation.

Oftentimes consciously, but mostly instinctively, our bodies experience this constant search for equilibrium when, for instance, wethe commanding element, the operator of the system … feel the need/urge to re-plenish spent energy, and so we rest or ingest energy sources. We then transform that energy into motion, or into the generation of new cells, or into the power, and the decisions, that fuel our development.

Thus, the question begs to be asked: Where are WE, the commanding element, the operator of the body/system in e=mc2? Where is the operator that knows how to interchange fundamental forces while keeping them in equilibrium? Where is the commanding element that keeps each content a measure of the other? Wouldn’t it then be more realistic to express the equation as (System [e=mc2]), so what monitors the fundamental forces and knows how to keep them in balance is included?

To understand the essence of a natural system, whether it is an atom, a cell, a human being, a planetary system, a universe, we must include the commanding element that binds and directs them, whether instinctively or self-determinedly, into continuous yet supple stages of relative equilibrium.

But although having a frame of reference will help us get a better sense of the significance of the equation, the greatest obstacle to a worldwide acceptance is our unfounded fear to integrate into our minds the irrefutable fact that there is immense power within us to master the two fundamental complements, but with the irrevocable condition that we keep them in equilibrium.

It is therefore disturbing to realize that instead of giving us moral direction to find the knowledge of the power contained within us, current scientific ideology consents without an outcry to use knowledge of this power to do something as horrible as the sparing of the city of Hiroshima from conventional bombing so it could serve as a pristine target for a monstrous experiment, or to do something as vile as the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent people for no other reason than to satisfy the utter arrogance and greed of a head of state, or to do something as harmful as the condoning of contraceptives by a religious leader knowing full well the destructive impact of over-population  that has thrown us out of equilibrium with our planet,

For hundreds of years science has been a fountain of sanity, but it has allowed its moral authority to be compromised by losing its soul to weaponry and bigotry, and thus it now stands silenced to decry torture and the imposition of ignorance and irrationality by world leaders lacking a vision for Humanity other than ‘progress’ through the destruction of the world that gives us life.

The power of Einstein’s visionary insight is apparent in the amazing capacity of our solar system to sustain a favorable equilibrium for eons of time so our planet can bring conscious self-awareness into life, or in the beautiful attempt of a baby to stand alone trying to find the internal equilibrium that empowers unimaginable possibilities. Yet knowledge about this is overruled by greed, irrationality and intolerance.

Revised July 2017

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