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23– The Fallacy of “Separateness” …

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

The Paradigm we currently use to understand Reality (see Post #1) is destructive and reeks of Separation:

  • Religions: My idol – or the lack of it – is better than yours.
  • Economies: Elite or exploited.
  • Science: Microcosm or macrocosm.
  • Politics: My Country or theirs.
  • Education: Nature or us.

To this day, and to our great detriment, most of us cannot accept the obvious fact that we are inseparable from Nature, that although each one of us is an utterly unique human being we cannot exist without the species we call Humanity.

It is thus uncanny to see that this knowledge, so essential to our survival, is not emphasized in our educational systems. And only because it goes against the forces that promote the fallacy of Separation for the benefit of their own self-interests

In the first half of the 20th Century the Theories of the Quantum, and the Notion of Complementarity in particular, undeniably proved 1- that physical separation between a whole and its parts is an illusion (we are made out of myriad tiny elements, yet they are fused together into what we experience as the unbroken ‘me’)  2- that isolating something from its environment, although certainly possible, leads to aberrations (a neuron is not a neuron without its brain) 3- that uniqueness and unity and wholeness are complementary properties of Nature (galaxies, human beings, cells, atoms are unique entities and complements of a whole that gives them a cohesive and homogeneous design).

As elements of an ancient and evolving species, human beings are conceived more or less equally with a head, two arms, two legs, an urging sexual organ and an innate drive to survive. And although utterly unique in the sense that each one of us is made out of a particular set of elements, all of us are intimately tied to the existence of a multi-billion-unit-organism that dictates our structural design and can affect us and can be affected by us and can grow and can change and move and get into creative and destructive moods (think about the creative mood of the Renaissance or the suicidal mood of our current state of affairs). Humanity is particle-like in each one of us and wave-like in the sum of us. Not one or the other. Both at the same time.

But under a Paradigm that emphasizes Separation the obvious fact that a thing is several things at the same time is inconceivable to us, yet this is exactly the nature of Reality: We are constantly in transformation between utter individuality and the instincts and moods and actions of the giant organism to which we belong, and then back again into the distinct feelings of our bodies or the absolute uniqueness of our minds.

As highly evolved and intelligent as we consider ourselves to be, we are nonetheless in our infancy when measured against the universal evolutionary process in which we exist. We are still so far from the mature capacity to perceive ourselves as physical systems – systems within systems within systems. We are still so young, so terribly arrogant in our ignorance and so stubbornly chained to ancient fallacies that continue to dominate and deviate our understanding of Reality.

But all we have to do to see the fallacy of a Paradigm bent on Separation is to look at ourselves, or at the earth, or at the little we know about the atomic particles to realize that we all are complements of something greater than us; something that unifies us by giving us a unique yet homogeneous form, something that endows us with a forceful drive to survive and bond and adapt, something that can very well exist without each one of us but without which we cannot exist.

It is human nature to be afraid of change, to be terrified of the unknown, but change we must if we are to survive into the future. Humanity is neither something beyond the concerns of our particular set of affairs nor something separate from us. Humanity is alive and surging because of the interrelatedness of all of us, yet if we continue to promote the absurdity of our separation from Nature, Humanity might become a horrible aberration or even join the endless list of the extinct.

Couldn’t we start sharing the knowledge that has been arrested by a few? Couldn’t we teach our children that separation in Nature is an illusion, an illusion that incites violence and hate?

22 – “Freedom”

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

I want to share something I wrote a long, long time ago:


Gypsy dark eyes and long eyelashes.  Sensual mouth and full red lips.  Straight long nose reminiscent of ancient wanderers. Mysterious and beautiful face in search of questions that have no answers. Long hands and artful fingers that touch the world and sense its wonder. Sinuous and muscular body with the feel of silk, the strength of steel, the shape of passion.

My ancestry impels me to walk with the pride of kings, and unravel with the smoothness of serpents. I am difficult to trust yet easy to love. My voice is clear but very quiet. I have learned how to sing but never knew how to cry. Silence is my dagger, but in the quiet sounds of my voice rumbles the thunder of a knowing mind.

Lovemaking is my art. I dance to my senses and surrender to my instincts. Feelings are let wild. I seduce beauty to come down as low as beauty dares to come, and still remain beautiful. I soar as high as violence has the audacity to rise, and still remain gentle. I become an animal. I touch and feel and growl and bite. My body prods with savage sounds and I climax with the ecstasy of gods. Contented and spent I am vulnerable and fragile. I surrender my soul and lose my freedom.

But only the night holds me prisoner. The rising sun sets me free again. And the ties that promised eternal love dissolve in the adventure of a new dawn. The world is mine to wander. No countries, no borders, no religions, no creeds will chain my freedom. I am promise. I am life.

I am a joyful slave to the elements. Aroused I am by the playful winds that finger through my hair with the tenderness of a thousand kisses. Enchanted I am by the tingling of cool waters rolling down my thirsty skin. Naked I love to feel the embrace of warm and sensuous lovers, the caressing of soft and quiet breezes, the hungry search of the sand within my skin. Naked I came. Naked I will vanish. Naked and challenging I stand before the Universe. One star is mine. I need to know. I am its slave.

Free to wonder I wonder. Free to dream I dream. Free to imagine I conceive. The world is my playground. My mind is my destiny. I am no more, no less, than the miracle of life. If I dare to dream, if I dare to dare, if I break the ties and set my mind free, the world will be mine.

But walking through the streets of the giant cities it is hard to breathe. It is hard to be free in the giant cities. Loneliness is all around me. Grief and sorrow and profound despair stare nakedly at my face. Hunger is abundant. Misery cruelly ignored. It is hard to be free in the giant cities. I cannot forget. What to do? What to do?

I want to hide and close my eyes. I want to run away and find paradise. But this is paradise. This is it. The only place to Be. I close my eyes. How to be free? Where are the answers? They are inside me. I am the answer. I am freedom.

Oh, body of mine. Oh, wanderer of wanderers. What an adventure! You and I together for a flicker of time: Driven by animal passions and godlike emotions, hating and loving, wavering and daring, creating astonishing fantasies, dreaming of dreams. Together we walk, you and I, for a flicker of time. You are the gypsy. You are the roamer. I am the dreamer. I am eternal. I will set us free.