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27 – Power and Greed turn Us into Monsters …

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Isn’t it horrible to know that those we voted into positions of power under promises to improve our world, lied to us, and are now instead accomplices to the forces pushing us on a path to self-destruction?

Isn’t it horrible to know that those making the decisions that affect our lives are monsters? There is no other definition for individuals who, having at their fingertips the imminent facts of an environment in crisis, continue, for their own benefit, to perpetuate the unsustainable and destructive economic doctrines of Consumerism and Exploitation.

Power and greed have made most of them so out of touch with Reality, that they have become utterly irrational and cruel. Just look at them, covering up for blatant thievery and corruption, promoting wars that kill thousands and throw millions of people into abject misery and despair, endorsing the impoverishment of our educational systems, allowing the media to be stifled by corporate interests, supporting the corporate destruction of the environment, selling our future for the breadcrumbs that corporations throw at them. And all just to satisfy their insatiable greed.

Corrupted by a total lack of empathy and vision, these individuals are deluded by a historical record that tells them that the way to subjugate us into supporting their greed is by keeping us 1- entertained with banalities 2- in constant fear of created or imagined threats and 3- ignorant to the point where we don’t even know how, nor see the need, to question their total disregard for the truth and the welfare of Humanity. These are the models Youth should not – must not – emulate.

But times have changed, and in the midst of exponential population growth, the oppressive tactics that worked for the lords of empires long gone are now devastating our environment in massive and catastrophic scales.

We only exist – politicians and economists included – because there is a narrow layer upon the surface of the planet that sustains and nurtures our evolution. Under the destructive Paradigm most politicians and economists perpetuate with the only purpose to fill their pockets, we are altering that layer to such a degree that human life, as we experience it today, may not be possible any longer.

How different our world could be if their efforts were instead focused on inciting a revolution in learning … like those incited by Galileo and Darwin … by propagating knowledge based on incontrovertible facts to open our intellects to a new vision of Reality; a vision in which we see ourselves as parts of Nature, and not its lords.

Like all naturally evolving systems in our Universe  (atoms, cells, solar systems, galaxies, etc., etc.), we are particle-like in our individuality and wave-like in the unfolding movement of our species; we are cohesive yet supple congregations of intimately interconnected components; we are innately driven to attain, and sustain, continuous states of relative stability; we are pre-programmed to unfold into relatively pre-determined structural designs amidst uncertainty and an infinite set of probabilities; we are completely dependent on the intake and release of energy sources; we are self-contained, self-generating, self-perpetuating, self-organizing, and endowed with a relative degree of freedom to manipulate and be manipulated by the movement of Evolution; we are catalysts for transformation.

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26 – The Obliteration of the Spirit by Science …

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

How amazing it is that inquiry into the spiritual dimension of human nature – our intuitive knowledge that we are connected with ‘something’, ‘someone’, larger than us which gives us Life and order and direction and purpose and the capacity to wonder – is prohibited by ‘that other religion’ we call Science. And thus, to ponder about the meaning of what we call our Soul, our Spirit, our Mind, we are left either to the machinations of men in cloaks who perpetuate beliefs made-up thousands of years ago to control the human mind, or to the oftentimes good-intentioned seekers exploring creative venues of understanding for personal gain.

The world of our feelings and passions, of our happiness and sorrows, of our need to love and be loved; the world of the intangible and the immeasurable, the world of the mystery and overwhelming brutality and beauty of Nature, the world of visions and dreams, the world where love is born and where hate is instigated, the world where words like Peace and Revolution and Creativity and Liberty and Hope begin to take a physical shape … That world is arrogantly turned off by Science simply because it cannot be measured and put into equations. In its jealousy for measurement and accuracy Science has turned itself into a dogmatic enterprise that presumes it can decide what Reality is and what it is not.

Yet hidden behind the obtrusive arrogance of Science there exists a Paradigm in which Reality encompasses not only the objective dimension of the world … the measurable dimension of atoms and parts and bodies … but also its subjective complement … the immensurable dimension of the ancient forces of Creativity and Desire and the Need to Bond and the Will to Exist; a Paradigm where object and subject, body and spirit, complement each other so creatures like you and me can unfold with the capacity to self-generate and self-reflect.

Reductionism, the methodology dating back to ancient Greek philosophy that  still dominates current scientific methodology, arrogantly believes that man can understand anything in Nature by reducing it to parts. This approach is obviously not working, since under its hegemony we currently have no clue what more than 90% of our Universe is.

Our wonderment at the unending creativity of Life, our amazement at the inner knowledge of cells that know how to re-generate and organize and create our minds, our astonishment at the instinctive knowledge of our bodies that take control of the organism when the mind is searching, our surprise at the realization that we can reflect on our past and plan our future, our awe when we feel the presence of forces beyond our comprehension affecting us and being affected by us … These are things of the Spirit, yet they are grounded on what can be measured and weighed. The dimension of the human Spirit, of the Mind, of the Soul, cannot exist … as much as we want it to … without the dimension of the atomic elements from which it sprouts into being. And so is the dimension of the atomic elements, which cannot exist … not for eons and eons of time and throughout the immensity of space … without the spiritual dimension that gives them order and the direction to bond and congregate into amazingly complex and self-generating and self-reflective forms of existence. Yet Science claims that this dimension is not worthy of scientific exploration because it cannot fit into equations.

Is it not Science … one of our noblest enterprises … supposed to open our minds instead of limiting us?