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33 – We have the Power to transform the energy we consume into Power …

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

It is absolutely true that we – human beings – have evolved into the most dominant species within the favorable yet changing environment of the earth.

It is also absolutely true that, as individuals and as a species, we are totally dependent on the Environment for the energy sources we need to exist and fuel our unfolding. But we are overwhelming this same environment with our exponential growth and our level of consumption. Therefore Collaboration, and Education, and Planning, are decisive for our survival.

It is also absolutely true that under an economic culture dominated by the profiteering of corporations, instead of Collaboration and Education we are getting Wars, and Massacres, and Deception, and Ignorance, and Divisiveness, and Injustice, and Destruction, and Pollution, and Greed, and Poverty, and Ignorance. Devoid of humanitarian or environmental concerns and blessed by economists, politicians and religious leaders, huge global corporations are making the decisions for Humanity.

This is the reason why Education about the Power each one of us can exert to affect change is obliterated.

Thus most of us cannot conceptualize the Fact that cells … ovum and sperm … imprinted with the knowledge to join together, duplicate, re-generate, organize and create a brand new human being are produced by our bodies following a primeval blueprint;
Or the Fact that all the cells engendered by the fusion of the ovum and the sperm … as they come and go through our bodies in their short lifespan … are thoroughly interconnected to allow us to function as a unit, and to choose direction, and to find the best way to adapt and survive;
Or the Fact that in order to have a continuous form of existence we innately know how to balance our intake and release of energy sources, crafting through our lives sequential states of equilibrium;
Or the Fact that although we are utterly unique – not another human being like me in the entire Universe – our bodies are pre-programmed to unfold, amidst the uncertainty of an infinite set of probabilities, into a shared structural configuration;
Or the Fact that although we are totally dependent on energy sources for our survival, we do possess the power to transform energy into motion, and action, and power.

So no matter how the corporate media conceals the truth to give us instead banality and misinformation, and no matter how politicians lie to us to sell our rights to the corporations, and no matter how educational systems prostitute themselves to promote an unsustainable economic system, and no matter how global corporations plunder the environment and try to tyrannize the human spirit, sooner or later we will see the emergence of a new worldview where we come to accept as common knowledge the obvious fact that we exist only because we live within a Universe that gives us Substance and endows each one of us with the Power to affect, not only our own evolution, but the evolution of the world in which we exist.

“And what would the world be like, when you venture out? Quite unlike the way it looks now”. Rimbaud

Share the knowledge.

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32 – On Dissipative Structures (Part I)

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

We do not think about the human body … our bodies … as synthesizers of energy, but this is fundamentally what we are. We consume different forms of energy from our environment through our nose, our mouth, our skin, our eyes, and dissipate back that energy as motion, action, emotion, re-production, vision, ideas, products, waste.

In 1977, the Belgian Physicist and Chemist Ilya Prigogine was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for a Theory he called Dissipative Structures (from the Latin dissipatus: to scatter). His Theory defines how, in a profoundly symbiotic relationship with environments, Open Systems … like you, and me, and molecules, and cells, and planets, and galaxies … fuel their evolution through a constant intake and release of energy sources; the Theory also defines how this process can be the catalyst for the transformation of the System into higher levels of complexity.

Contrary to Closed Systems, which are the artificial and isolated experiments we create in the sterilized environments of laboratories to manipulate Nature into complying with our theories, Dissipative Structures are Open Systems that unfold naturally into more or less pre-determined designs … a seed into a plant or tree, a baby into an adult human being, a cloud of dust into a solar system, myriad stars into a galaxy, organic connections in the brain into ideas, billions of human beings into the species we call Humanity.

As the Open System develops, self-organizes, stabilizes, and attains structural and functional continuity, it innately learns to manipulate  its intake and release of energy sources into relative states of equilibrium. But disturbances to the equilibrium of the System inevitably result as environments and the availability of resources change and fluctuate. If these disturbances are minor, the System can damp them and its structural integrity is not altered. But if the disturbance reaches a critical size, a part, or the entire System is perturbed. The System is then shaken up, and a number of novel interactions are introduced to cope with the perturbation. The old set of connections, the elements of the old pattern, come into contact with each other in original ways and create the new connections necessary to adapt to the new environmental demand. If the System is successful in re-organizing, it is then transformed into a more complex structure. We may then say that the System has been transformed into a higher level of complexity. But on the other hand, if the System fails to re-organize, it will degenerate and ultimately disappear.

We are facing such perturbation: As an Open System, Humanity has reached a critical point where our numbers and our energy needs are overwhelming the resources of the earth. If we are unable to re-organize into a new order of complexity where we are in equilibrium with the environment that gives us life, we might end up joining the list of extinct species.

The solution is clear: Worldwide acknowledgement of the  impact of our overwhelming numbers and of our rapacious level of consumption on the limited environment that allows our bodies to come into existence.

But our leaders … political, economic, religious … with no vision for the future of Humanity other than unlimited growth and the satiation of their own selfish interests, are oblivious to the impending environmental disturbance being created by the unsustainable and destructive Paradigm they are bent on perpetuating; it truly is disgusting to see how irrationally they block efforts by scientists and environmentalists to find a sustainable Paradigm.

It is up to us to spread the knowledge: We can not exist without what gives us life.

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