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41 – Truth is stolen from us so we can be turned into killing machines.

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

I visited Auschwitz and Birkenau, the sites where Madness, horrific Efficiency and appalling Cruelty reached some of the highest levels Humanity has experienced in recent History. It made me cry.

How can we be so cruel? When did the Human Animal turn into the only creature on earth that tortures and slaughters their own?

And the scary thing is that it can happen again – look at the Siege of Palestine, and the madness of the right-wing American leaders, and the censoring of the atrocities being perpetrated with our unwilling consent, and the silent complicity of the churches and synagogues and mosques, and the prostituting of education to turn out pegs of consumerism and destruction. We are under the domination of a caste of men without Morals, without a trace of Vision other than their own voracious greed and tenaciously bent on obliterating the nurturing side of human nature.

Blinded by a terrible ignorance about our world and about the fragility of the environment on which our lives depend, they are destroying our chances for survival by stubbornly re-enforcing a Paradigm that perpetuates the lie that we can consume and destroy the same environment that gives us life without having to face the consequences for our actions. Under their leadership Humanity has turned into a mindless machine on a path to self-destruction.

Yet as much as Knowledge is denied to us to keep us ignorant and Fear is constantly created to keep us subservient, the Truth remains that everything in our Universe … no matter if it is an atomic particle, or a molecule, or a cell, or a human being, or a solar system, or a galaxy … is intimately interrelated by coming into existence imprinted with a set of universal laws – an indelible Universal Blueprint – from which we all unfold:

As everything in Nature:

• We gather elements from our environment to form a thoroughly interconnected and dynamic body.
• We all unfold, step by step, entirely dependent on the consumption, synthesis, and release of energy sources to give our bodies Motion, Continuity and Development; yet we are inescapably bound by the Primordial Mandate to keep our levels of consumption and dissipation in relative states of self-reflective equilibrium … the less energy we spend, the less energy we require; the more energy we spend, the more energy we require. Once we can no longer sustain this equilibrium, once our bodies are no longer able to turn energy into action, we cease to exist in our current form.
• We are given temporary possession of an utterly unique, self-contained, self-generating, self-perpetuating Body; yet we are bound to unfold, if unobstructed by environmental deviations, into the commonly structural design of the species to which we belong. We are thus Unique and Universal; not just one or the other, both at the same time.
• We are all endowed with a relative degree of freedom to transform and be transformed by the movement of Evolution; we are thus catalysts for Transformation.
• And in equal measure to the impact or significance of our Legacy … what we give to the world, what we take away … we become a part of the future:

“ … The current of his feelings failed; he became his admirers.
Now he is scattered among a hundred cities
and wholly given over to unfamiliar affections,
to find his happiness in another kind of wood
and be punished under a foreign code of conscience.
The words of a dead man
are modified in the guts of the living”.*

The beauty of these Truths is stolen from us so we can be turned into blind followers of killing machines.

Why can we not see beyond their machinations if what they try to hide from us … the Truth of what we truly are … is so clear, so universal, and so utterly beautiful?

Share the knowledge.

* From “In Memory of W.B. Yeats” by W.H. Auden. Italics mine.

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