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45 – We are creating our Future with the wrong Paradigm …

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

When I was a young boy, I somehow managed to rebel against everything that wanted to control me. My Body, I had no choice; it was owned by my parents and by the trials of growing up. But my Mind, That I wanted to be completely mine; free of the set ideas of others; free to explore Knowledge beyond the immense limitations of my organic senses; free of the dominance of the distorted core ideas under which we have come to understand Reality.

The Western mind has selected, and somehow twisted, the ideas of a handful of brilliant and courageous men to fabricate a dominating and devastating Paradigm: Jesus’ message of Love has been turned into Divisiveness and Hate; Descartes’ “Cogito ergo sum (I think therefore I am)” into a tool to ‘separate’ what is indivisible; Bacon’s “Knowledge is Power” into Control over Nature to remake the world as we desire; Newton’s measurability of Natural Laws … gravitation, motion, conservation of energy … into a vision of a meaningless and machine-like Universe, Darwin’s survival of the fittest into the greediness of Might Makes Right.

Yet there is Order, and Creativity, and Empathy, and astonishing Beauty struggling to surface everywhere amidst the devastating power of our Paradigm.

Wanting to find a more realistic view of our world I read and read. Hundreds of books. And I got introduced to ideas I was not supposed to contemplate; ideas that challenge the status quo of our dreadful Paradigm; ideas like Aristotle’s Nothing is isolated and complete in itself and Everything is involved in a Process we have the capacity to comprehend; or Carl G. Jung’s premise that our Unconscious often knows more than our Conscious, thus compelling us to assume that there is priori knowledge in the Unconscious; or David Bohm’s idea of an Implicate Order in which each element is to be understood not as something independent and permanent, but rather as a product formed in the flowing movement of Nature and ultimately dissolving back into it; or the postulates of Quantum Field Theory that demonstrate that every Body … every physical system … modifies or is modified by the structure of the space which surrounds it with a relative degree of freedom.*

And so I’ve come to see a side of Nature that the dominant doctrines do not permit us to see: The creative and beautiful yet oftentimes cruel side of Nature that KNOWS how to put our bodies together … atom by atom, cell by cell … and then release us into the flowing movement of Life to build our own roads; roads that might become the highways of the future.

* Monarch Notes: The Philosophy of Aristotle

 C G Jung: Synchronicity, An Acausal Connecting Principle

 David Bohm: Wholeness and the Implicate Order

 Wikipedia (synthesis from Quantum Field Theory)

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44 – What is it going to take?

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

For thousands of years Humanity has striven to find answers to the questions immortalized by the artist Paul Gauguin in one of his most beautiful paintings:

• Where do we come from?
• What are we?
• Where are we going?

My well-researched yet tentative answers to these questions are:

Where do we come from? We emerge … more or less pre-designed yet endowed with a certain degree of freedom to effect change … out of the same Primordial Force into which we will all ultimately return.
What are we? We are highly complex congregations of myriad living forms temporarily fused together into the phenomenon of the Self.
Where are we going? Our Body … the physical compound of myriad elements gathered together to give us energy and structure … ultimately dissipates back into the environment from which it came into existence. But the Self … the Soul, the Energy, the Mind, the Thinker, the Creator, the Architect, the powerful Force that gives us the capacity to direct not only our lives but those of others … may continue into the Future transformed into another form of existence parallel in significance to the magnitude of our Feat: What we have accomplished, what we have not. Darwin’s and Einstein’s contributions to human knowledge transformed them into new and self-generating forces that continue to shape our understanding of Reality.

The Need to Transcend is innate in us. We are impregnated in varying degrees with a natural urge to leave a mark in the word – a monument, an action, new descendants, new creations, new ideas – that may live beyond our existence. This Need is what gives us the power to transform our world. This is how we can transcend into the Future.

We are like a stream of water through which Knowledge runs and expands. And like a stream, we are made out of ever-changing natures that flow and ebb into forces that can be great or small, simple or complex, violent or tender, creative or destructive … forces that have the potential to affect and transform the course of Evolution.

But the transcendental power of our actions threatens established religious and economic dogma, and is therefore obliterated through the indoctrination and re-enforcement of absurdities like:

1. If we unquestioningly believe in a bizarre worldview that claims to have the ‘mandate of a higher power’ to keep us fearful and divided, then we will be granted a reward in a fantastical afterlife where we adore a cruel and cranky old man for all ‘eternity’, or
2. If we blindly follow an economic doctrine of unsustainable growth and unbounded consumerism, then we will all be granted Freedom and Happiness, even if it is obvious that Capitalism, fueled by Greed and Selfish Individualism, is throwing more and more of us into desperation, servitude and fear.

What is it going to take for us to see the obvious evidence that Organized Religion and the glorification of Greed and Selfishness are the cause of Divisiveness, Hate, Destruction and Death?

What is it going to take for us to understand that most religious, political and economic leaders do not give a damn about our plight but care only about their wealth and the hegemony of their destructive doctrines?

What is it going to take for us to reach a level of maturity where we overcome the dominance of destructive paradigms that see human beings as disposable and gullible commodities, so we can instead advance creative paradigms that see us as decidedly under the pangs of Evolution yet clearly endowed … each one of us … with the capacity to shape the Future?

What is it going to take?

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