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47 – A Vision for a New World …

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

For reasons unbeknown to most of us, scientists refuse to apply the astonishing discoveries they have made about the physical world to the Human Being (perhaps the only exception is the theory of Evolution).

Advances in science leave no doubt that the human being, like cells and planets and everything else in Nature, is a physical system made out of atomic particles, yet most scientists have not been able to break away from the centuries-old Paradigm of the ‘superiority’ of man over Nature, thus persisting on separating us from the natural world.

Undeniable as it is that we are highly evolved creatures, we do abide by the same universal rules that apply to atoms, cells, and galaxies. This would be obvious to us if we were taught to take well-proven theories like

  • Bell’s Theorem
  • Einstein’s Relativity
  • The Laws of Thermodynamics
  • Bohr’s Complementarity
  • Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle
  • Pascal’s Probability Principle
  • Prigogine’s Dissipative Structures
  • Maturana & Valera’s Autopoietic Systems
  • Mandelbrot’s Set
  • Quantum Field Theory

and, like pieces in a mosaic, put them together into a view of our Universe we’ve never seen before: A living, nurturing and evolving organism founded on Cohesiveness, Equilibrium, Continuity, Pliability, Tenacity, Self-organization, Uncertainty, Chaos, Possibility, Self-perpetuation, Transformation, Order, Pre-determination, and a relative degree of freedom to adapt.

But instead of trying to understand our Universe as a cohesive whole, the current scientific emphasis on Reductionism and Separation is intent on isolating the smallest atomic particle, believing that by doing so we will ultimately come to understand the true nature of Reality. It is like trying to understand the mystery of the human mind by isolating a neuron.

As the mind of the pre-Copernican/pre-Galilean human being had not made the neuronal connections to comprehend the fact that the earth is an element of a system subject to the centrifugal forces of a common star, so the mind of ‘modern’ human beings has not been able to make the neuronal connections to comprehend the fact that we are elements of a Universal System that imprints each and all of its components with a pre-determined yet flexible set of universal rules by which to exist and evolve.

To delineate some of these universal rules let me take a few of the already proven scientific theories, and apply them to three common universal components: a cell, a human being, and a galaxy.

  • For a cell, a human being, a galaxy, to be cohesive, self-directed, and have a continuous and dynamic form of existence, the entire range of our components … no matter how small or large, simple or complex … must be thoroughly inter-connected (Bell’s Theorem).
  • For a cell, a human being, a galaxy, to have a relatively stable existence, a more or less constant equilibrium between energy consumed and energy released must be attained and sustained. Without this equilibrium, we cease to exist (Relativity & Thermodynamics).
  • For a cell, a human being, a galaxy, to grow into a more or less pre-determined structural design while remaining distinctive, we must adhere to a pre-set developmental process that allows a degree of freedom in adaptation (Complementarity).
  • For a cell, a human being, a galaxy, to perpetuate a changing form of existence, we must be able to unfold amidst the uncertainty and probability of myriad outcomes (Uncertainty & Probability Principles).
  • For a cell, a human being, a galaxy, to nourish the emergence of a form of existence totally dependent on energy sources, we must be able to adapt to their availability or lack of it. Once sources of energy become exhausted or are no longer available, we either adapt to new sources or cease to exist (Dissipative Structures).
  • For a cell, a human being, a galaxy, to integrate as a component of an ongoing evolutionary process, we must be able to self-perpetuate by generating our own components and creating an interactive boundary to sense the environment (Autopoietic Systems).
  • For a cell, a human being, a galaxy, to organize diverse components into a shared structural form, we must be able to reiterate the guidelines of a primal developmental model (Mandelbrot Set).
  • For a cell, a human being, a galaxy, to be able to manipulate and be manipulated by the movement of evolution, we must be catalysts for transformation (Quantum Field Theory).

Although undeniably unique, we do obey a Universal plan that imprints us all with supple rules to emerge, while endowing us with a relative degree of freedom to adapt and affect our environments.

Once we are able to incorporate into the neural connections of our brains the fact that we do abide by the same rules for atoms, cells, or galaxies, the path to humanity’s higher level of understanding will open before us.

Revised September 2018

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46 – Quantum Field Theory and us …

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Before Galileo proved that our idea of being the center of the Universe was mistaken, we truly believed that it was the Sun that rotated around the Earth. It was an understandable mistake since we actually saw the Sun rising in the East and disappearing in the West. To understand our world, we were relying on the raw and limited perception of our senses. Today we still see the same Sun rising in the East and disappearing in the West, but without doubt accept the fact that it is the Earth that circles the Sun. But the mistaken perception was so deeply ingrained in our minds that it took us centuries before we could accept the factual one.

Limited by our organic senses we continue to be unable to perceive many factual factors of Reality: We are, for instance, unable to perceive the flow of Life in its constant transformations from energy into mass and mass into energy; we are unable to perceive the fact that we are made out of myriad living things gathered together to build our existence; we are unable to perceive the fact that everything is interconnected and intimately dependent on changes and fluctuations in internal and external environments; we are unable to see that Life is like a stream of water, a flowing field of forces that may be great or small, simple or complex, violent or tender, destructive or creative, grotesque or beautiful; we are unable to see that we come into existence out of a Primordial Force that endows us with the potential to transform its course.

Humanity’s evolutionary process is a flowing field in which we are forces that affect and are affected in two different yet complementary ways: One is by our self-initiated actions (Action with Contact) that can affect and modify the environment that surrounds us, the second one is by the environmental forces that affect and modify our actions as we create a path through space and time (Action at a Distance).

The simple lesson behind Quantum Field Theory is that our lives are flowing fields, and when we focus on a goal we may turn into a powerful force in which we are ‘operators’ with the potential to affect and possibly transform the world around us, but always remembering that nothing is accomplished without the consent of the internal and external forces acting upon us.

The explosive increase of our population; the demands of an economic system based on unlimited growth without regards to the impact on the environment;  the disregard for the disadvantaged of political ideologies bent on serving the insatiable greed of a selfish elite; the focus of educational systems, not on Knowledge but on promoting and perpetuating an unsustainable economic doctrine; the fear-based and divisive demands of organized religions obsessed with the control of the human mind, are some of the powerful forces acting upon us and determining our destructive behavior.

It is uncanny to see entire cultures, billions of us, blinded by the destructive belief that the true measure of success is on the insatiable accumulation of power and material wealth. A belief that releases us from responsibility and blinds us to the impending signs of an environment in crisis.

Political and economic powers are recklessly, insolently, deviously, and forcefully silencing the scientific warnings of environmental upheaval with the sole purpose to perpetuate a doctrine of unlimited growth that is unsustainable under our exponential growth.

Kept in the dark by a religious doctrine inhibiting the Truth, pre-Galilean Humanity could not see beyond the limitations of our organic senses. Today we are very much in a similar predicament: Politicians, protecting the crumbs they are thrown by the corporations pillaging resources and inciting the crisis, discredit scientific proofs to inhibit the Truth.

Once I saw a lapse-time-video taken from a high-rise on Fifth Avenue in New York. The camera had been focused on a heavily frequented clearing in Central Park. It is a well-known fact that natural elements tend to follow the path of less resistance. Well, this video showed that most people traversed the clearing by taking the easiest and most direct path. But once in a while a person or group of persons, perhaps because they had the time, or were forced by circumstances beyond their control, or felt adventurous and wanted to explore the area, took different and rarely traversed paths. I was reminded then how transformations occur. Leaders, adventurers, visionaries, revolutionaries, perhaps forced by external factors, or driven by curiosity, or motivated by their visions, take the ‘less traveled path’ and start a new trend, or discover a new concept, or find a new way to understand things. Their innovations might start a chain reaction, a new and more interesting path might be more frequently followed, and if a critical mass is reached, the new path might become ‘the path of less resistance.’ And a new transformation may be on its way.

Our world is in desperate need of individuals who are willing to take the less traversed path. There is no need for us to follow a self-centered vision of the world where Knowledge is being hijacked by Greed. We are magnificent instruments of transformation in the unfolding of the Primordial Force of Life, and already possess the common-sense knowledge to create and operate intelligent modes of existence.

Our minds possess the capacity to see beyond what our organic senses allow us to see; we hold the power to initiate actions that unleash the powerful forces with which we can affect the decisions that make an impact on our lives, mindful always of the forces affecting and modifying our actions.

Share the knowledge.

Revised August 2018

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