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49 – On Evolution and Man’s refusal to accept he is a part of it …

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Evolution is an ongoing and transformative natural Force. But as all natural Forces, Evolution must have had an Induction … something or someone that got it on its way. Evolution is Intelligent … it learns from experience … and because it came innately endowed with the Capacity to Self-reflect and Self-create … to look back on itself and learn from the past … it cannot have been Unplanned. So when or where or how did Evolution begin? We are a part of it, yet because it is so huge, and so ancient, and so encompassing, we may never be able to know.

But since we are one of its creations there are some Facts we may deduct:

  • The Force of Evolution is adaptable and innately driven towards complexity.
  • The Force of Evolution is Self-generating and Self-perpetuating.
  • The Force of Evolution is paradoxical: It must create by destroying. It must guzzle up energy sources to feed and re-generate and perpetuate its ongoing process. As much as we want to disguise it, we kill and eat other forms of Life … though nicely packaged … to feed and regenerate and perpetuate the evolutionary process in our own bodies.
  • The Force of Evolution can be Violent, and Destructive, and Cruel, and Chaotic, and Ugly, yet it can also be Tender, and Kind, and Creative, and Organized, and Beautiful.

The Force of Evolution is the movement of Life as it flows toward higher levels of Complexity and Order. So whenever or wherever movement toward Change begun, Life begun, or vice versa. Nothing learns to change and re-create itself with a relative degree of freedom in adaptation without being Alive.

Life is ancient. We are just one of its truly astonishing and highly complex manifestations. We are just a momentary spark in an evolutionary process that has been ongoing for billions of years and that will continue, as everything else in our Universe, until it comes to an end. So who are we to define what Life is, and when it begins and ends?

When Charles Darwin was developing his Theory of Evolution, he was afraid of the repercussions of his discovery because he knew he was going to challenge the pillars that sustain our arrogance. And with all the irrefutable proofs we have today of our own evolutionary process and animal ancestry, most of us are still fighting it. There is an ingrained stubbornness in us to want to believe, against irrefutable evidence, that we are what the Universe was created for. This stubbornness is especially strong in men because our awareness of Life’s evolutionary process in our own bodies is extremely limited … we barely sense it when we see our face reflected in our progeny … women, on the other hand, are more aware of  Life’s primordial flow within their bodies because they strongly feel it in the process of Procreation … the creation of new Life within their bodies, its nurturing, its struggle, its birth …

Mammalian Life made transformative leaps in the evolutionary process when we were able to move out of the water and when we were able to thrive with the demise of the dinosaurs. And at the level of the Human Species, Life’s evolutionary process has made and continues to make transformative leaps; as when we were first able to walk erect and free our hands, when we were able to invent and roll the wheel, when we were able to put our language in writing, when we were able to print books and spread knowledge, when we were able to live longer with the invention of Medicine, when we were able to look at the stars and galaxies with the telescope, when we were able to move faster from place to place with the invention of mechanized transport, when we were able to see peoples of the world on television, when we were able to communicate with the entire world through computers.

Evolution is a Learning Process. It is successful when it reflects on the past and avoids repeating the same mistakes; it gets into trouble when Self-reflection is overridden by the chaotic causes of reckless power. This is what is happening to us today: We have lost the capacity to Self-reflect and learn from our own mistakes and the mistakes of already extinct civilizations; we have no Vision for our own Future other than Unlimited Growth and Unbounded Consumerism amidst an environment with limited and dwindling resources.

Like a human being with no direction in Life and assailed by ignorance and hate, Humanity is running blind driven by greed and divisiveness.

How do we turn this around? Any ideas?

A consensus of all Nations on a Realistic, Humane, Dynamic and Far-Reaching Vision for Humankind … a Vision that would lead us, not into War and Hate, but into a New World Order rooted on Equilibrium and Knowledge and Self-reflection and an increasing degree of Freedom in adaptation … could be a good and attainable way to start!

We have come a long way and are slowly beginning to understand that we are instruments for change in Life’s evolutionary process and that our every action – whether instinctive or premeditated – influences and is influenced by the flow of Evolution.

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48 – On Love and other Human emotions the Physical Sciences deem unworthy of research…

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Because current profitability in scientific research is focused mainly on Reductionism (the claim that we can understand anything by reducing it to its smallest component elements), and because it is about impossible to reduce Emotions like Love, Hate, Fear, Anger, Sadness, Happiness to a set of component elements, there is a reticence in Science to investigate the roots of our primordial, forceful and oftentimes life-changing emotions.

This is the reason why, even though our emotions have the capacity to shape the way we live, relate and behave, their fundamental roots are mostly unknown to us. And although I am no expert in this field, I feel I cannot continue writing about the Interconnectedness, Equilibrium, Self-reflection, Tenacity, and Transformation of the physical world, without writing a bit about the emotions that give our lives character and a sense of direction and purpose.

The consequences of our Ignorance about the significance, the power, and the easy manipulation of our own emotions are obvious in a world mostly ruled by Fear and Ignorance. Religious, political and economic Doctrines have learned to perpetuate this Ignorance by programming the young human mind into unquestioning obedience through a constant fear of imagined threats, and by controlling Education into promoting a reckless, divisive and destructive sense of entitlement. This persistent indoctrination through the corporate media devalues human life and warps our emotions into accepting as inevitable the horrors of war and genocide.

Lack of relevant Education about the human emotions and their significance and implications, has induced the Threat of rampant Overpopulation: We have reached numbers that overwhelm the natural resources that give us life. Yet, with the aim to sustain their own viability, the dominant Doctrines continue to promote Instability and to suppress Education on this growing threat to our survival; this is done in the face of the obvious benefits of the exact opposite Doctrine: In countries where Stability and Education are a priority, Overpopulation is not an issue.

Why do they promote the twisted Notion that Humanity is better off in Ignorance and Hate, when Knowledge and Love might be the only path to our survival? Is it because their twisted Notion is more lucrative?

Love is the most fragile, binding and beautiful of the human emotions. It manifests instinctively at birth, while the other emotions are latent and manifested … or not … under the influence of developmental circumstances. Love is organic … it comes from our senses, from touching, and seeing, and kissing, and feeling, and being accepted … yet Love is also ephemeral … it moves us and turns us around with excruciating pain or immensurable joy. At the evolutionary level, Love is the primordial force that fuels the perpetuation of the Species, yet at the individual level Love is the fragile emotion that can define how we grow and relate to our world. But when Love is inhibited or corrupted it can be easily turned into Fear or Anger or Hate.

If scientists would dare to come out of the ‘ivory towers’ of their laboratories and Atom Smashers and look at our plight, they would see a world where a dwindling lack of Knowledge about our own emotions is taking us into increasing levels of ignorance, cruelty and poverty. Their efforts to try to isolate our Universe’s minutest particle are commendable, but not when billions of human beings outside their towers are sinking deeper and deeper into the dominance of Fear and Hate.

The Scientific Theories they already possess reveal an extraordinary and overriding Order operating in our Universe: The Order that sustains equilibrium between the pull-push forces of our solar system, so planets can circle on relatively stable orbits for eons of time. The Order that gives a Seed the information to reach down into the earth for nutrients, so it can build a breathing and self-replicating organism. The Order that gives billions of spiral galaxies their magnificent yet common shape. The Order that brings two cells together to purposely create a self-sufficient and self-reflective human being. The Order that keeps alive the binding power of Love so Life can be self-generated and self-perpetuated. The Order that allows organisms to grow and reproduce, maintaining their structures, responding to their environments, learning to adapt. The Order that puts us together … piece by piece, atom by atom, cell by cell … with the capacity to self-reflect and ultimately realize that Knowledge and Love are the only tools we possess to help us overcome the threat of rampant Overpopulation, and to reverse the dominace of Doctrines that promote Ignorance, and Fear, and Hate.

If only scientists would take this Order, and Knowledge, and Love, and make them into Theories … like Quantum or Thermodynamics … to study, and understand, and develop! Would they dare? Their survival is on the line too!

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