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65 – We are out of Balance …

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Of the great Minds that have helped Humankind step up to higher levels of Knowledge and Understanding, three stand out for me for the reach of their Visions.

Albert Einstein’s Universal Equilibrium

John Bell’s Universal Interconnectedness

Charles Darwin’s Universal Evolutionary Process

Darwin envisioned the Primal Evolutionary process of adaptation in Nature; Einstein envisioned the constancy of its Self-reflective Equilibrium, and Bell envisioned its intimate Interconnectedness.

Although we have yet to connect the dots, these, and other Theories like Bohr’s Complementarity, Maturana & Valera’s Autopoiesis, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, Prigogine’s Dissipative Structures, define properties of a Universal Blueprint that outlines a pre-determined process of development for everything in Nature, while allowing a degree of freedom in adaptation.

Our inability to see the connections between the universal properties of these Theories, and how they describe the evolutionary Process that controls and induces our development, is one of the main reasons for our blindness in seeing the extent of the devastating impact of our actions on the planet. This blindness incapacitates us from comprehending how completely is our dependency on the equilibrium of the evolutionary Process.

The Human Species that existed just a few centuries ago without significantly making an impact on the environment, has been replaced by the technologically advanced yet over-populous and reckless Species we are today.

We have grown in exponential numbers, and our level of consumption have thrown our symbiotic relationship with the environment out of equilibrium. We are out of balance.

As so many Species have disappeared from earth because they either lost their equilibrium with Nature or were wiped out by evolutionary Forces, we are on the brink of catastrophe or demise. We are not only out of balance with our environment; we are also toying with the relative planetary stability in which our lives depend.

I abhor the Corporations – economic, political, religious – whose only purpose is to consume, control, and deceive with no regards for the impact of their actions on us and on the environment that gives us Life. They are the monsters … created by us … destroying us.

And we let them get away with unparalleled destruction and the enslavement of the Human Spirit by consenting on an Archetype of Success, measured … for their benefit … by our level of consumption and obedience.

Under the control of unaccountable corporations, we have turned against Earth like disease against our body, expanding and consuming while devastating our host. But unlike a disease, we are highly Conscious of what we are doing: We are allowing brutal and unyielding patriarchal minds to drive us toward our own extinction.

The Paradigm under which we currently understand Reality is Unsustainable and Divisive; it re-enforces unlimited growth as Progress and blind obedience as Faith. Under this Paradigm dominant Corporations have been able to coerce educational systems NOT to address the impact of our abnormal growth, which is the major and most crucial issue facing Humanity. This is done with the only purpose to sustain, and increase, their base of consumers and followers disregarding the impending signs of environmental upheaval (melting ice caps, climate change, deforestation, water scarcity, decimation of species, hunger, turmoil, inequality that divides and incites resentment and hate). And thus the catastrophic burden of overpopulation continues to be silenced.

Under this destructive and unsustainable Paradigm, we have been driven into a predicament where our survival is at stake: We either override the corporate coercion forbidding us to address our abnormal growth, or we force Nature to address it for us. Yet we are complacent because we think the full blow of the Crisis will not touch us in our lifetime. However much we claim to love our children, we hope it doesn’t happen to us.

The sum of us, as the Human Species, is a dynamic system. And like all systems in Nature, we … individually and collectively … are pre-determined by universal mandates while possessing a degree of freedom in adaptation. The Human Species is generated by the sameness that interconnects us all (same organic urges, same pliable structure, same need to bond and endure), which is driven by a Universal Evolutionary Process of adaptation and re-generation. We have evolved from a few scattered groups of individuals into billions of us. Endowed with a degree of freedom in adaptation and the advantage of thousands of years of favorable environments, we have developed a brain capable of conscious self-reflection, but we couldn’t have done it without the relative equilibrium of the Earth. Yet only a very small portion of the population is given the opportunity to reflect upon these astonishing, defining, and critical Facts of our existence. This imbalance is the culprit behind our dire state of affairs.

A roaring world-wide demand for Education free of the coercion of economic, politic and religious ideologies can liberate the Human Spirit to guide us through and beyond this Crisis … if we are lucky enough to make it through.

Revised January 2019

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64 – On Death …

Monday, October 1st, 2012

What we call Death, the inevitable process we are so ignorant about, is but a form of Transformation, a Metamorphosis. But to begin to accept this we have to understand the process.

The Fundamental Complements of our Universe are energy and mass, yet there are Primal Forces – what we call Environment, Nature, Life, Death – that bond and transform the complements into the organization of interconnected components we experience as the Self.

Galaxies, solar systems, Earth, the human species, human beings, cells, molecules, atomic particles, are manifestations of this bonding and transforming Process.

We consume energy sources from the environment, store them into the mass of our bodies (muscle, bone, blood, nervous system, etc.), and then release the energy back into the environment transformed as the motion and action that empowers our development. But in order to achieve this process, we must abide by an unbending Universal Rule: Consumption and release of energy sources must be in Equilibrium – greater mass content must be met with greater energy consumption, and less energy consumption must be met with lesser mass content – once this Equilibrium cannot be sustained, we begin our dissolution back into the environment from which we came from. This dissolution is what we call Death.

To exist by the constant process of consumption and release of energy sources, is to be in constant Transformation. Our Mind is not yet Conscious of how constant nor how primal this process is. We don’t even remember where we came from nor how we came into being, nor how we constantly change, but our body does. This intuitive Knowledge is what brought the ovum to bond with the sperm, re-iterating the ancient process that encodes us with a supple blueprint and allows us to take relative charge of where we go, what we do, what we think, and endows us with a degree of Freedom to transform ourselves and our world.

We are the stuff of ancient stock.

But intuitive Knowledge is blunted by dogmatic ideologies and their brutish demands to conform to unfounded beliefs. It is thus that the Process that has made us evolve to what we are today, the Process that has endowed us with a degree of Freedom to self-reflect and take charge of our lives, the Process that has taught us to adapt and transform ourselves and the world around us, is still in the dark for us.

The Primal Process of Transformation under the rule of Equilibrium is the Force behind the Creation of new forms of existence; it is the Power that elevates Self-reflection to become aware of itself; it is the complex Order that has come to create visionary minds of the caliber of a Copernicus or a Darwin. It is the instinctive Urge to re-generate and physically transmit our genes and our ideas through the Continuum we call Life.

As we physically transmit, not only the primal information encoded in our genes, but also our contributions, our ideas, our dreams, so they become a part of the fabric of Life, we transcend into brand new forms of Existence that reiterate Continuity, so ideas and visions as those of a Darwin or a Copernicus can become physical forces that may alter the course of evolution.

But to transcend from one stage into a higher one is a process of transformation as physical and profound as that of Metamorphosis, and so, as the process of transformation through consumption and exertion must abide by the Universal Rule of Equilibrium, so must the process of Transcendence by being a measure of the significance of what has been accomplished.

We don’t know when the moment of our Death is going to come, or how it is going to happen, but just imagine how different we will perceive that inevitable moment when we know that it is not an end, that, albeit a measure of the significance of we have accomplished, we will continue to be a Force in the Continuum of Life,

Why are we so afraid of Death when we truly cannot die? Nothing dies in Life. What we call the end of Existence is but an open door to further Transformation.

Revised January 2019

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