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75 – The New Paradigm (Part I) …

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Organized Religions, stubbornly ignoring the common primal ancestry of human nature – our collective urge to bond, to seek pleasure, to consume living things in order to survive – continue to promote their dogma of Division without regards for the intolerance and hostility it incites; and Science, stubbornly ignoring the common spiritual ancestry of human nature – our inherent need to understand what is greater than us, to comprehend the intangible yet defining forces that bound and steer our lives – continue to promote the limiting dogma that Life, Nature, the Universe itself, can only be understood by reducing them to measurable quantities, while the immeasurable – the reach of the mind, our sense of wonder, the self-determined direction of Nature towards complexity and order – does not seem to merit the quest of scientific endeavor.

These two inhibiting forces, battling for supremacy to control human perception, hinder our comprehension of the primal forces that although constricting the body, give the mind unlimited boundaries and immeasurable power.

It is thus uncanny to see how the physical sciences, already possessing a catalog of theories that incontestably prove the common properties that link all naturally evolving systems in Nature, bizarrely concur with organized religion to keep human beings enslaved by dogma.

According to current scientific theories, naturally evolving systems like molecules, cells, human being, trees, solar systems, galaxies, are:

Cohesive congregation of intimately interconnected components (Bell’s Theorem).

Inherent aim to attain continuous states of optimum equilibrium between fluctuating fundamental complements (Relativity).

Synthesis of complementary properties manifested as particle-like and wave-like and universal-like (Complementarity).

Pre-programmed to unfold into preset configurations amid uncertainty and infinite probabilities (Uncertainty & Probability).

Complete dependency for survival on the dissipation of energy sources, of which availability or scarcity is a potential source for transformation (Dissipative Structures).

Self-contained, self-generating, self-perpetuating form of existence with the capacity to regulate its own components while preserving the integrity of a fundamental yet adaptable structural organization (Autopoietic Systems).

Progressive process toward complexity with a degree of freedom in adaptation yet ultimately determined by internal and external environments (Evolution).

Reiteration of a master plan mapping the self-organization, bonding, self-generation, adaptation, self-perpetuation, transformation of the system (Mandelbrot Set).

Catalyst for transformation (Quantum Field Theory).

And so, as a molecule, or a cell, or a tree, or a solar system, or a galaxy, or any other human being,

I am a congregation of intimately interconnected components bound together by the reiteration of the pre-determined yet pliable configuration of the species I belong to.

I consume energy sources in equilibrium with the power that fuels and regulates my development while adapting with a degree of freedom to changing environments.

I am unique in my individuality and common in the shared evolution of the species and universal in my compliance with a collective pattern of self-organization, bonding, self-generation, adaptation, self-perpetuation, transformation.

I am a dynamic force with the capacity to transform and be transformed by the movement of Evolution yet ultimately determined by my internal or external environments.

I am a catalyst for transformation.

The purpose of Religion is to promote Understanding, Tolerance, Love. And the purpose of Science is to promote Openness, Learning, Vision. Yet misled by entrenched dogma they betray their true purpose, which I believe is to find a vision of reality, a new paradigm based on the unbroken, flowing movement that steers the unfolding of all evolving systems in Nature and that has come to endow us – each one of us – with a mind that can conceptualize the Universe, and reflecting upon itself, can see the Connection – the undeniable Link.

Revised May 2019

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74 – On Self-transcendence …

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Self-transcendence is self-evident in Springtime; the re-emergence of generational traits in Nature that, with renewed energy, adapts to new challenges and seeks opportunities to attain higher levels of complexity and order.

Self-transcendence, the source of Nature’s constant transformation, is an all-encompassing primal Force, unfathomably ancient, inexhaustibly new, constantly changing and renewing itself – and we are one of its manifestations.

With our capacity to learn from the past, adapt to the present, and affect the future, we transcend affecting subsequent generations. As the impact of Einstein, Galilei, Darwin, continue to affect us today transforming the way we understand ourselves and our world, each one of us is born with the potential to become a source of transformation.

Watch a newborn baby take its first breath, watch it gasp for air self-transcending from a fetus in liquid placenta into an oxygen breathing creature; watch it unfold into a magnificently complex being following the innate urge to leave a mark in the world and become a part of the future.

We are manifestations of this self-transcending Force, and, according to our impact on the world, we can transcend into subsequent generations and change the way we are, the way we understand ourselves, the way we perceive our world.

We are born to transcend.

Revised May 2019

Note: New posts are usually published on the 1st and 15th of the month. To subscribe to the Blog, click on the RSS feeder (orange icon) on the left column of the Home page, down below the Archives.