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77 – Progenitors of Conscious Self-Awareness …

Monday, April 15th, 2013

There are mysteries in our Universe our minds may never be able to comprehend, but this does not stop us from trying.

Einstein, Galileo, Darwin, and many others tried, and they unraveled some.

Amidst the destruction, decay, cruelty, and death we constantly witness in our world, there is the unresolved mystery of the creative and self-organizing tendency towards complexity, cohesion, and order in Nature. This mysterious and self-determined tendency is evident, especially to us today with the advances in technology, in the symmetry and intricacy of most naturally evolving systems; in the astonishing cohesion and self-generative organization of our own bodies; in the relentless self-stabilization of the earth-system; in the sustained synchronization of planetary systems; in the preeminence of spiral and globular shapes in the galaxies of our Universe; in the austere and tidy rigor of the Periodic Table of the chemical elements, in the encoding of the DNA molecule with the blueprint of an entire human being.

It is a mystery to us how we happen to come into existence out of two miniscule cells, which, driven by powerful and mostly unexplored natural forces, start a process so ingenious, so intricate, so visionary, as to end up with a creature loaded with emotions and feelings; a creature so utterly unique in its composition as to hold a mind like no other we know of in Nature, and yet so common as to have the basic organic structure of millions and millions of other human beings; a creature so fragile as to be easily wiped out of existence by its internal and external environments, and yet so strong as to be able to influence the unfolding of its own evolutionary process.

It is a mystery to us how a Universe the size of which we cannot even yet determine, can so thoroughly impart on all and every one of its components the uncompromising mandate to self-organize, bond, self-generate, self-regulate, adapt, self-preserve, transform, while endowing us … all of us … with a relative degree of freedom to manipulate and be manipulated by the environments in which we exist.

It is a mystery to us how, driven by the primordial and inciting instinct to copulate, we create highly specialized cells imprinted with the instructions to bring into existence whole new beings, thus enabling the continuity of the species.

It is a mystery to have within us the physical Universal Force that drives us to reproduce, self-regulate, adapt, transform; the physical Universal Force that allows us to grow increasingly self-conscious of our Destiny as progenitors of self-awareness.

We have the capacity to unravel the mystery of our own mystery.

Revised June 2019

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76 – On the Control of Human Perception …

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Common sense tells us that we perceive our world through the input of our organic senses … the sounds we can hear, the sensations we can sense, the smells we can smell, the things we can see. These senses, we now know quite well, are developed only to perceive a tiny fraction of Reality.

But we are able to expand our perception through the ingenuity of the instruments we invent, and through the imagination of our highly evolved and visionary brain … the organic brain that not only creates the phenomena of the mind, but that also reflects upon itself and envisions worlds smaller and grander than our senses can perceive.

Survival, especially in the early stages of our development as social creatures, depended mostly on seeking nourishment, shelter, protection from predators, by belonging to a group. This dependence made us vulnerable and submissive to the stronger and more aggressive individuals in the group. And thus social castes were created, establishing a Paradigm of submission and elitism were a strongman came to control the decisions for the entire group. These strongmen held power by force and, as they grew older, by institutionalized fear. Amazingly enough, this continues to be the foundation of our dominant Paradigm.

Institutionalized fear begins at a very early age by bending our natural curiosity and inquisitiveness under the threat of retribution and towards the perpetuation of the ancient Paradigm of Submission, Separation, and Conflict. The senses are trained to focus outward, to perceive Nature as something separate from us to be dominated and used. And introspection and imagination are constrained in great part by the search of ‘Happiness’ dictated by material possessions and the values, if any, of the controlling political-economic-scientific-religious elites.

And thus our perception of the world from which we come into existence is so estranged from reality that we cannot even conceive the obvious Fact that we – as the atoms and molecules and cells we are made out of, and as the planet and solar system in which we exist – are deftly put together by primordial forces that organize us into cohesive, self-generating, self-regulating, self-perpetuating organizations of components endowed with a relative degree of freedom in adaptation; nor can we accept the obvious Fact that, like no other creature or system we know of, we have been evolving within a relatively stable and favorable environment to become pioneers in conscious self-awareness.

The human mind is the result, and synthesizer, of all the input received from our internal and external environments. Our perception of the immediate world is constructed through our organic senses, and our perception of the world beyond the reach of our senses is constructed through our capacity to reflect, to conceptualize abstract notions, to store enormous amounts of information, to imagine new possibilities, to take chances.

But the doors of perception are tightly controlled by our current Paradigm, and thus the doors to the obvious Facts that we are intrinsic components of our Universe, that we are alive because the Universe is alive, that even though we are endowed with a relative degree of freedom to adapt, to choose, it is ultimately the Universe that defines our development and our Future – these doors are not open yet.

Revised May 2019

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