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81 – The Primordial Force in Us …

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

Physicists, Chemists, Engineers, etc. … the individuals who make the discoveries and write the theories/books/papers about the physical world, the individuals who teach us and influence decision-makers about the exploration and exploitation of Nature … what do these individuals think is the Primordial Force behind the self-determined movement of Nature towards Complexity and Order? What do they think is the Primordial Force embedded in all of us that urges us to consume, transform, and turn energy into the making of Existence? What do they think is the Primordial Force behind the engineering feat which built their own bodies … cell by cell … into a cohesive and relatively intelligent human being? What do they think is the Primordial Force we call Life/Spirit/Soul/God that rules our instincts and drives us to bond and recreate ourselves into ever newer forms? What do they think is the Primordial Force that encodes a miniscule pair of cells with the instructions to create a whole new being? What do they think is the Primordial Force that creates a mind that can reflect upon itself and envision the Future?

Or do they think about it at all?

If they do, they cannot of course say it has anything to do with a spiritual Force because it goes against the dominant materialistic paradigm that gives them jobs and pays their salaries; and if by any chance they do they get shunned, mocked or immediately fired. They might safely say that the Primordial Force is the Life Force, but they have no clue what Life is. They might know a bit about some of Life’s ongoing processes, but they have no idea why Life self-generates and self-perpetuates. And thus we have lost a sense of our connection with the past, with our Source, with our History, with what has brought us into being. Under their theories we cannot conceive of our bodies as part of a thriving progression that has been in the making for eons and eons of time.

It is a lot easier to ignore our primordial past altogether and focus instead on the things that can be measured, the things that can be observed, the things that can be neatly fit into theories. This is highly irresponsible. It is the main reason why we have become so detached from Reality; it is the main reason why the physical and the biological Sciences seem to be in two different universes. By ignoring the Primordial Force behind our existence, the physical Sciences are obliterating knowledge about the most intrinsic part of our nature; they are ignoring the Source of our most primal needs, urges, fears, emotions. And so to live with the denial of the most fundamental, terrifying, beautiful, exciting and fascinating part of us, we demean ourselves accepting the horrible idea that we are nothing but expendable numbers in charts and computations.

And thus, instead of being intent on learning about the Primordial Force that bonds every atom, every molecule, every cell, every organ in our bodies into a self-reflective and visionary being, we are inciting division and hate and the destruction of our environment, while those who make the decisions for us are irrationally accelerating the potential to end civilization as we know it.

But then how do we even begin to look at the Primordial Force? We certainly can begin by looking at the Fact that, since the Primordial Force is embedded in each one of us, we have a first hand shot at understanding it through common characteristics:

The Primordial Force is obviously developing.

It is incredibly ingenious and resilient.

It is creative and destructive, tenacious and pliant, violent and tender.

It clearly knows how to build and organize.

It has the capacity to self-generate and multiply.

It manipulates and is manipulated by environments.

It is a catalyst for transformation.

It learns from the past to shape the Future.

Doesn’t it thus astonish to realize that, although we don’t know The Source nor how it became a self-determined Force, we share some of its characteristics?

And the motion of the body comes from the spirit like a waterwheel that’s held in a stream.” Rumi

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80 – To be in Touch with Beauty …

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

To be in touch with Beauty we have many, many ways … music, poetry, Nature in splendor, falling in love, creating something beautiful … but the Powers-that-be drive us to be in touch with Dread instead … wars, vengeance, fear, hate, anguish … Why?

We wish to claim to be the ‘darlings’ of Creation … the only ones that can Self-reflect and admire Beauty, feel Beauty, create Beauty … and yet we are ravaging our world … Why?

Nothing in the world today … no educational system, no organized religion, no scientific method … tells us the Truth about us.

We are told that our capacity to Self-reflect is a unique Human trait. It is not. The capacity to Self-reflect is Universal.

The proof that Self-reflection is Universal is Einstein’s greatest legacy. E=mc2 is one of the deepest insights into the nature of our Universe. E=mc2 fundamentally means that, notwithstanding size or complexity, the mass content of any natural system MUST EQUAL (=) its energy content … and vice versa … for the system to be functional in a continuous, persistent way. This is the yet-to-be-acknowledged meaning of the symbol = in the equation. In Einstein’s own words: The mass of a body is a measure of its energy content.” And no natural system can balance and re-balance its own contents to keep them in constant equilibrium as it changes and develops without a degree of Self-reflection.

But Science, afraid to rock established dogmatic beliefs, shies away from the exploration of the Self-reflective element of the equation.

The equation has proven without doubt that no natural system in our Universe can have a continuous form of existence without a sustained equilibrium between its mass and energy contents … greater mass equals greater energy, less energy equals less mass … and sustained equilibrium cannot exist without a degree of Self-reflection.

This degree of Self-reflection, although mostly instinctive, is evident in the sustained equilibrium of the human body: We consume energy sources (oxygen, foods) to build mass and exert the energy as action and motion, but our level of consumption is a reflection of our level of exertion … and vice versa … and thus we always are in relative equilibrium as we grow and develop and remain functional and dynamic. Once we cannot sustain this equilibrium, we either restructure or cease to exist altogether.

Instinctive equilibrium is the primordial form of Self-reflection. Self-determined equilibrium … the conscious, thoughtful affecting of equilibrium … is a highly evolved form of Self-reflection. And as far as we know homo sapiens are the only ones evolved enough to have developed the latter.

Our individual survival is completely dependent on self-reflective equilibrium, and so is the survival of the Human Species. But because Humanity remains so fragmented, we have not been able to expand our heightened capacity for Self-reflection to the level of the entire species. And thus we fail to see how far out of equilibrium we have gotten: Increasingly billions of us are consuming and releasing energy sources way beyond the replenishing and reabsorbing capacities of our environment. We are throwing off the natural equilibrium of the planet and accelerating sweeping and possibly extreme deviations.

To be in touch with Beauty we first need to know what Beauty is, and although Beauty is about impossible to define … “It is in the eye of the beholder” … we know that Beauty is not Hate nor Fear nor Imbalance nor Dread.

To be in touch with Beauty, to create Beauty, to begin to turn Dread into Beauty there is something we all can do: We can concentrate our heightened capacity for Self-reflection to turn the mighty global reach of the Internet into empowering and giving direction to an organ … like the United Nations, for example … to assume the same self-reflective, thoughtful and visionary role for our entire species as our brain is for our body.

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