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83 – It Baffles the Mind …

Monday, July 15th, 2013

It baffles the mind to realize how amazing human beings can be. Smart as to be able to measure exactly where to land on the moon; curious as to discover the double helix of the DNA molecule; insightful as to unravel the constancy of universal laws; introspective as to comprehend that we possess, as far as we know, the highest degree of self-awareness in Nature.

And yet, we stubbornly insist on reinforcing a Paradigm that is wiping out our chances for survival. A Paradigm based on the divisive and destructive concepts that Human life is detached from Nature, and that Progress is unlimited growth within a limited environment.

We live in a world gone awry; a world that, except perhaps for technological advances and unsustainable population growth, is not very different from that of long-gone civilizations. A world where the exploration of the incredible beauty, complexity, and mystery of our self-reflective organisms, is overridden by the consuming worship of avarice and power. A world where telling the truth is dangerous. A world where our young are taught to loathe and kill.

We seem to be stuck on an evolutionary limbo, unable to be humane and rational; unable to let go of the domination of concepts that, although wrong, continue to be reinforced to perpetuate established Dogma:

1 – The limitations of our organic senses give us the misleading impression of having a body independent from our surroundings; it is thus we are unable to conceptualize the Fact that, at the atomic, molecular, and cellular levels from which we are made, there is no actual separation from the environment. The organized development of our bodies could not exist without our constant exchange with and the sensory information from our environment. Our perception that we are separate from Nature is wrong, yet it is reinforced to perpetuate the destruction of the natural world.

2 – Our organic senses do not allow us to perceive the movement of atomic, molecular and cellular elements toward Complexity and Order. Therefore we have come to believe that there is no Purpose in Nature. Disregarding the Fact that we come alive out of the self-organizing determination of the elements from which we are created, we are taught that Nature is mechanical and purposeless. The concept that Nature is mechanical and without purpose is wrong, yet it is reinforced to perpetuate the dogmatic belief that, since Nature is machine-like, it can only be understood by reducing it to its particulate elements.

3 – Progress in Human history has come to be measured by Quantity with the exclusion of Quality of Growth. Therefore the success of an individual or a group of individuals is measured either by material possessions or the magnitude of power or control over others. The emphasis on Quantity with the exclusion of Quality as a measure of Progress is the cause of our denial of the harmful impact of overpopulation on our survival. The concept that Progress is to be measured exclusively by quantity is wrong; it leads to measuring the success of ideologies by their number of followers and not by the quality of what they pursue

Our incapacity to see alternatives to these misleading concepts is crippling us from moving forward; it is blinding us from seeing a world different than that of Destruction, Division, and Conflict.

As monumental as questioning the devastating impact of our worldview may appear to be, the first sure step would be to begin to teach children that Homo Sapiens is special only because amid myriad creatures, and as far as we know, we have evolved the highest degree of self-reflection. Teach them that we, as all creatures in Nature, not only intuitively follow the clear mandate of a universal blueprint to self-organize, bond, self-generate, adapt, transform, with the clear purpose to perpetuate Life, but also teach them that we have some control steering those directions. Teach them that as their organic senses neither won’t tell them the whole truth, nor will those who believe they know the whole truth.

It does baffle the mind to realize how amazing we already are, and will even baffle us much much more when we know the potential of what we can be.

Revised June 2019

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82 – On Pleasure …

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Making love between two or more consenting and relatively mature human beings is not only the most natural, pleasurable, and beautiful act in human nature, but the Force behind our evolution; it is, and has been, the catalyst for the unfolding of one of the most amazing, ingenious, and destructive creations of Nature: the Human animal.

To bond and reproduce, especially in the vibrant years of our youth, are some of the most potent instincts that drive our behavior. But the urge to reproduce is the strongest, not just because it commands an organic release but because it is laced with Pleasure.

But ignorance about how our instincts drive our behavior makes it difficult to accept the primal animal inside of us; an animal driven by instincts, an animal that demanding release rules most of our actions.

As far as we know, we have evolved into the only animal aware of its own awareness. But our actions are still mostly ruled by instincts. Think of the many things our body does without our conscious input: breathing, dreaming, walking, keeping a relatively steady temperature, waking up in the morning, getting sleepy, hungry, horny, keeping the flow of blood transporting nutrients to and from every cell.

The Human animal, like most living things in Nature, is a pleasure-seeking organism. But our stubbornness in accepting the dominant role of our instincts, and the resulting disconnect between the primal forces that drive those instincts and our current inability to reflect upon them, have built a monumental barrier to understanding how we have arrived at this point in our evolution; a barrier so deep and divisive that is clearly threatening our survival.

Coming into Life/Existence/Being was not of our choice; we are the result of a primal craving for Pleasure. But once born, we become the messengers of the Force pulsating in every one of us, building pressure, demanding release, regenerating itself through us into higher orders of complexity.

Why do we let others impose on us their divisive and destructive beliefs, especially when we have the power of our highly evolved and discerning intellect? Why do we prefer to be told what we are, instead of exploring our capacity to do so ourselves? There are many things, of course, that are beyond our comprehension. But there are as many that are self-evident and truly beautiful about us: We embody, with some degree of control, a pleasure-seeking organism whose adaptable design has been in the making for eons of time: We have evolved out of water, into reptilians, into mammals, into thinking organisms aware of our own awareness;  we have come to embody an immensely intelligent organism endowed with a relative degree of freedom to reflect upon the measure of our limitations and possibilities.

Pleasure is the Hallmark of Evolution; it is the primordial instinct whose source we are yet unable to comprehend. Pleasure is the seductive, demanding, exciting, persuasive Force that, shaping everything – shaping us – fuses our instincts with our self-reflective minds as the compass that determines how destructive or creative, forceful or consenting, ugly or beautiful, we can be.

Reviewed June 2019

Note: New posts are usually published on the 1st and 15th of the month. To subscribe to the Blog, click on the RSS feeder (orange icon) on the left column of the Home page, down below the Archives.