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86 – We Mirror our Universe (Part I)

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

We mirror our Universe, but the reach of our organic senses is too narrow … too limited … to let us see the reflection.

It is a well known Fact that the portion of Reality our organic senses allow us to perceive is extremely small, yet we can overcome this limitation with the exercise of our accumulated knowledge and with the unlimited reaches of our imagination.

If we dare to glimpse beyond the reflection of the exterior façade our organic senses allow us to perceive, the similarities between our Universe and us are truly amazing; the ones below are just some of the most obvious:

* We would see ourselves as made up … like our Universe … of a multiplicity of dynamic elements organized with a certain degree of self-determination into the current yet changing state of our body.

* We would see ourselves unfolding … like our Universe … under the demands of internal and external change, but then we would also see that we are endowed with a relative degree of freedom to manipulate not only our own unfolding, but also that of our environment.

* We would see the reflection of a familiar Self who is, has been, and will continue to be for as long as we exist … like our Universe … in a constant state of transformation (unfolding, creating, replacing, absorbing, releasing, always in motion even if we appear to be at rest), while we remain the same persistent Self throughout the extent of our existence – the same Me, the same You, the same Universe.

* We would see the reflection of a Being who imprints every element generated within its own body … just like our Universe … with a set of specific yet open directions, so development is ensured while left open to variation.

* We would see the reflection of a Being that … like our Universe … is not only dynamic, creative, interconnected, self-organized, self-generating, self-perpetuating, but also a highly resolute catalyst for transformation.

If we really look at ourselves in the mirror we will see a Universe.

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