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90 – The Destructive Dominance of a Pernicious Belief …

Friday, November 15th, 2013

The belief that we are separate from Nature is pernicious and deeply entrenched in the western mindset.

  • It is tearing us apart.
  • It incites constant conflict, horrible wars, genocide, rape, complete disregard for human and any other form of Life.
  • It fosters ‘unlimited’ growth without considering the consequences of its impact.
  • It destroys the environment in which our existence depends.
  • It does away with the chances of a viable future for our descendants and for Humanity as a whole.

It is evident that the dominance of this pernicious belief is taking us closer and closer to the possibility of our own demise, and although it will be difficult to overcome because, paradoxically, it is what the early evolution of our limited organic senses devised as a mechanism for survival … there is no question that we can run away from danger, or reach out to touch something or someone … we must realize that it is just a complement of Reality

As Science has taught us, Light is particles and waves: Light enters our eyes as individual photons to create an image and as waves to flood our vision. Both manifestations are inseparable complements of the phenomenon we call Light.

And so is the Human species; we are particle-like and wave-like: We enter Life one individual being at a time and saturate the surface of the earth as waves of billions. Both manifestations … each one of us and the waves we make as a species … are inseparable complements of the phenomenon we call Humanity.

As a Thought feels autonomous in our minds yet cannot exist separate from experience and neural activity, we do feel autonomous yet cannot exist separate from human activity and the environment that gives us Life. Autonomy cannot be separate from what allows it to be autonomous.

Isn’t it the Fact that, throughout our evolution, and without human input, more or less half of Humanity is born producing eggs while the other half is born producing the sperm to fertilize them, proof enough that we are inseparable from something greater and more magnificent than us?

For centuries we’ve been taught that we are a ‘special creation’. This belief 1- obscures the Fact that each one of us begins … as mammals have done throughout eons of Evolution … with the fusion of cells imprinted with primal information to re-generate and create, and 2- promotes the fallacy that we are entitled to consume and devastate the same environment that gives us Life. This is a betrayal of our nurturing and creative natures and it has turned us, as a whole, into a destructive and uncaring species. Under this belief we have become an aberration of what we are meant to be: Instead of promoting Knowledge about the incredible Fact that we are Pioneers of Self-awareness, we are promoting and, worse, rewarding Selfishness, Irrationality, Deceit and Greed while punishing those seeking Truth.

How can we accept this as Normal knowing not only that this destructive and dehumanizing aberration is perpetuated solely to serve the pathological greed of a few, but knowing that we are a Force of Change?

We are not separate from Nature; we are Nature and Nature is us.

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89 – Self-reflection and E=mc2 …

Friday, November 1st, 2013

Although Science has still to recognize it, Einstein’s greatest discovery was to capture in an equation the universality of self-reflective equilibrium in Nature. E=mc2 proves it.

Although the physical aspect of the equation has been proven through methodological scientific experimentation, its self-reflective aspect has yet to be explored.

In Einstein’s own words: “The mass of a body is a measure of its energy content” *, and vice-versa, I add. In other words: Notwithstanding size, nor level of complexity, nor environmental changes, for a body to be viable throughout the extent of its life, its mass content must remain relatively equivalent to its energy content. Once this equivalence cannot be sustained the body disintegrates.

The essence of e=mc2 lies not in the quantities of its fundamental elements … energy and mass … since they obviously vary according to the development and dynamics of the system(s), but on their sustained equivalence, their equilibrium amid consumption and dissipation. This sustained equilibrium is the essence of the symbol = (equal) in the equation.

When a ‘body’ … a naturally evolving system like the earth, our species, a cell, an atom, our own body … enters an existential arrangement in which the success of its development is totally dependent on a sustained equilibrium between the consumption and dissipation of its mass and energy contents, there’s got to be, whether instinctive or self-determined, a degree of self-reflective equilibrium.

As every naturally evolving system in Nature, we know this from personal experience: we fuel our development by consuming energy sources (foods, oxygen) to release them in equal measure as action, power, waste. We cannot survive without this instinctive self-reflective process.

Self-reflective equilibrium is the essence of Einstein’s insight. It is the foundation of self-perpetuation that fuels the unfolding of the evolutionary process that creates the phenomenon of Continuity in Nature. This is how immensely complex systems like galaxies, planetary systems, us, have developed.

E=mc2 is one of the most beautiful insights into the nature of our Universe, but because we continue to perceive ourselves as separate from Nature, we fail to see the beauty of the equation in us. Our capacity to self-reflect is obvious to us, but not the instinctive self-reflection of our bodies: As we grow and change, our consumption and dissipation of energy sources increases in relative measure to our increase in mass. Think of what happens when we go on a diet, or when we want to build muscle, or when we get sick and lose mass and ‘lack’ energy.

As our bodies consume and release energy sources to stay alive, so does Humankind. But we have come to a point in our evolution in which the demands of our exponential growth are overwhelming the environment that gives us life. We are out of equilibrium, and it seems we don’t want to reflect upon its potential consequences.

* Highlight mine.

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