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106 – On Human Greed …

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

Greed, in human terms, is an immoderate and selfish desire … for power, wealth, food, fame, recognition … beyond the dictates of basic survival needs and comfort, and that, exploiting a moral weakness, overwhelms our common sense.

Greed is ancient in Human history; stronger in some early civilizations than in others and more insidious in men than in women.

Erich Fromm described greed as “a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction.”

Prompted by overindulgent hunger for power, or possessions, or wealth, and most recently by the dominant economic creed that “Greed is Good”, Greed has come to obliterate our common sense to such a degree, that most of us are oblivious to the fact that our greed is destroying … like greedy cancer cells … the host that provides our source of Life.

Immoderate Greed is a learned, not an innate characteristic in human evolution. I don’t think early humans were dominated by Greed before the Agricultural Revolution   when everybody worked together for the benefit of the group. It might have developed in us as a perversion of the accumulation of winter supplies, or a perversion of the need to expand into more territory as groups grew larger, or a perversion of the struggle for power and recognition as the need for leadership arose (these are but assumptions), but however this perversion came to dominate human nature, it has now turned into a vice that throws us … most of us … into a sick, aggressive, insatiable and destructive competition to have more and more, with absolutely no regard for the consequences of our ill-conceived urge. A terrible consequence of this perversion … with its rapaciousness, trickery, manipulation, deceit, violence, disregard for human decency … is the dreadful monstrosity of corporate greed.

It is thus we have created a world where Scavenging and Hoarding are more protected and promoted than the Welfare and Happiness of people. We have been taken hostage by an irrational and insatiable Force that does not take our lives into consideration, but instead demands the levels of rapaciousness threatening our survival.

But we have now the technology to unite the voices of the world to help us understand, and overcome, this destructive Force that is taking our lives hostage; ruling us with immoderate Greed completely devoid of common sense.

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105 – The Creative Order of Nature …

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

There is a creative Order in Nature … the Implicate Order as David Bohm, the American physicist, called it … that induces all things in Nature to self-organize with a degree of self-determination towards higher orders of complexity. But this Order is not effortlessly perceived by the human mind under current paradigms.

Our understanding of the creative Order in Nature is obstructed by 1 – a scientific Paradigm that teaches us that creativity and self-organization in Nature are but the result of sheer Chance and 2 – by a religious Paradigm that teaches us that Human beings are creative and self-determined because we are separate from and better than Nature. And yet, upon scrutiny of empirical knowledge, the fundamental capacity of all things in Nature to self-organize with creative self-determination becomes apparent:

All things in Nature … without exception … although utterly unique (no other one exactly like me in the entire Universe, no other solar system exactly like ours in the entire Universe), instinctively self-organize into the distinctive characteristics of a common genus.

All things in Nature … without exception … consume energy sources from immediate environments (foods, oxygen for us; kinetic energy, heat for our planet) to fuel the relatively pre-determined yet adaptable organization of our bodies.

All things in Nature … without exception … grow into Complexity out of the fusion of fundamental elements (ovum and sperm for you and I; stars and star remnants for galaxies) sensing the demands of environments and, whether by instinct or self-determination, seeking the equilibrium of Order to endure.

The capacity of all things in Nature to self-organize … and re-organize … with a relative degree of creativity and self-determination toward order and complexity is the primordial Process we have come to call Evolution. And although this creative and self-determined Process is beyond our understanding, it clearly induces all things to reinvent themselves from within … pregnant with ingenuity … bending the rules of genera and environments.

The capacity to perceive this natural Order, and to realize we are a part of it, is the most awe-inspiring feeling a human being can experience. And yet this capacity is obstructed by the same institutions with the most power to help us understand it: a scientific Paradigm bent on teaching us that the creative Order so evident in Nature is nothing but the result of sheer Chance – thus inducing us into uncaring devastation; and a religious Paradigm bent on separating us from the natural Order – thus inducing us into a world of division and conflict.

How different we will be when the creative Order of Nature is not veiled by wars and fear and hate and so much destruction? How different!!!

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