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110 – The Primordial Force of Life in Us …

Monday, September 15th, 2014

(I am trying a new format – nor a shot at poetry – hoping to accentuate the concluding thought with the cascading sentences).


When we feel the beat of our heart,

or the warmth of our skin,

or the pulse of blood running through our veins,

or the onslaught of desire,

or the instinctive need to take a breath,

or the survival urge to constantly re-invent ourselves from within,

we are feeling the Primordial Force of Life in us.


The Primordial Force of Life is not just in us, it is,

in many forms and in many orders,

in everything alive.

But because it is mostly instinctive,

and because we are beginning to comprehend

how it gives us Life,

how it ties us to the cycles of Nature,

how it gives us a degree of freedom to choose,

we are now coming to know

the power it has

to make an impact,

not just in our lives,

but in the Life of the world that gives us Life.


With the degree of freedom it bestows upon us,

the Primordial Force of Life

is our most magnificent possession, and yet

we allow others

to impose on us

their vision of our lives.


Revised June 2019

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109 – Self-reflection (Part III) …

Monday, September 1st, 2014

How incredible it is for a mind to be aware of its capacity to reflect upon itself.

Whichever way our Universe had its beginning, it was born with an absolute, non-negotiable rule: If anything coming into being within its realm was to exist as an ongoing process, it will have to find a way to keep its fundamental complements … mass and energy … in relative equilibrium.

This is the universal rule Einstein encapsulated in E=mc2. In his own words: “The mass of a body is a measure of its energy content”. Which in other words means that the mass of a body (its weight, its volume) must be in relative equilibrium with its energy content (its motion, its force). But the true significance of the rule rests not in the equilibrium between the contents, but on the fact that the body must continuously sustain that equilibrium as it changes, develops and evolves. And a sustained equilibrium between two contents cannot be achieved without a degree of self-reflection.

Equilibrium can be thrown off by internal and external events, but the body must restore it if it is to remain functional. The body begins to disintegrate once this self-reflective process is no longer feasible.

And thus, for instance, for a body like ours to remain functional while we develop and evolve, the content of our mass must always reflect the content of our energy. This is primordial self-reflection. Our bodies do it instinctively … mostly without our awareness … which is why we feel hunger and sleepiness when the energy exerted during activity needs to be replenished; this is why we feel unwell when we cannot bring our bodies back into equilibrium.

And so it is for solar systems or atoms or cells: In order to remain functional as they develop and evolve, their mass content must remain in relative equilibrium with their energy content. Once this primordial self-reflection cannot be sustained, they disintegrate back into their environments.

Although mostly instinctive, self-reflection is inherent in Nature. And we are no exemption. The big, big difference is that as far as we know, we are in the process of developing one of the greatest gifts Nature can bestow upon its creations: Conscious self-reflection.

Revised February 2018

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