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112 – Will we be able to find the Beauty in us?

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

How can humanity be such opposing extremes?

On one side, we are a most beautiful, intelligent, adaptable, and highly self-reflective species; on the other side, we are the cruelest, stupidest, dogmatic, and with a brain capable of rational thinking, a most irrational creature.

Which side of us will prevail, if at all, in a time when the survival of our civilization is in question? Will we be able to find the Beauty in us, or will we let our irrationality destroy it before we find it?

We belong to a Natural Order that is as old, probably even older than our Universe. All things in Nature unfold by self-determined choices or the demands of internal and external environmental, or a combination of both. We walk a path that meanders through the continuum we call Existence, making choices with a degree of freedom as we are pushed and pulled by environmental forces through a spectrum of opposites. At one end of the spectrum, we find our instinctive drives, at the opposite end, our self-determined choices. At one end, we find our destructiveness and stupidity, at the opposite end, our creativity and ingenuity. At one end, we find our capacity for cruelty, at the opposite end, our tenderness and love. At one end, we find our fear, at the other end, our courage. At one end, we find our irrational aggression, at the other end, our nurturing rationality. At one end, we find the unconscious meandering of our thoughts, at the other end, our self-reflective capacity to focus. The closer we move towards one of the extremes, the more estranged we become from the other.

Under a Paradigm based on Aggression and Consumerism, we are currently pushed toward the irrational and destructive end of the spectrum. And we will not overcome that push unless we realize that, as elements of a Natural Order that endows us with a relative degree of freedom to choose, we can take charge of our destiny.

We possess a degree of freedom to make conscious choices, to decide on which side of the spectrum we want our lives to be. But most of our choices are dominated by unconscious instincts that are influenced not only by our development, but by the choices of others.

As far as we know, we are the most beautiful, highly self-reflective creature in Nature – intelligent, adaptable, ingenious, visionary – but instead of choosing to move toward the nurturing and creative side of the spectrum, we are letting the immoderate greed of a few others to push us towards the irrational and destructive course that is putting civilization, as we know it, in peril.

We will find the Beauty in us when every human being knows that nobody, nobody, has the right to tell us how to choose our destiny or take away our right to choose.

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