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112 – Will we be able to find the Beauty in us?

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

How can Humanity be such opposing extremes?

On one side we are a most beautiful, intelligent, adaptable and highly self-reflective species; on the other side we are the cruelest, stupidest, most dogmatic and … with a brain highly capable of rational thinking … the most irrational creature in Nature.

In a time when the survival of our civilization is in question, what side of us will prevail, if at all? Will we be able to find the Beauty in us, or will we let our stupidity destroy it before we even find it?

We belong to a Natural Order that is as old … probably even older … than our Universe. All things in Nature unfold, including us, by making self-determined choices, or forced by internal and external environmental demands, or by a combination of both. We walk a path that meanders through the continuum we call Existence making choices with a degree of freedom, as we are pushed and pulled by our environments through a spectrum of opposites. At one end of the spectrum we find our instinctive drives – at the opposite end our self-determined choices. At one end we find our destructive actions – at the opposite end our creativity and ingenuity. At one end our capacity for cruelty – at the opposite end our tenderness and love. At one end our fear – at the other end our courage. At one end our irrational aggression – at the other end our nurturing rationality. At one end our unconscious meandering – at the other end our conscious and self-reflective capacity to choose. The closer we move towards one of the extremes, the more estranged we become from the other.

Under a Paradigm based on Aggression and Consumerism, we are currently dominated by irrational and destructive choices. And we will not change unless we realize that, as elements of a Natural Order that endows us with a relative degree of freedom to choose, we can take charge of our destiny.

We posses a degree of freedom to make conscious choices to decide on which side of the spectrum we want our lives to be, but most of the time our choices are dominated by unconscious instincts that are influenced, not only by our development, but also by the choices of others.

As far as we know, we are the most beautiful creature in Nature … intelligent, adaptable, ingenious, visionary, highly self-reflective … but instead of choosing a course towards the beautiful and nurturing side of our spectrum, we are letting the immoderate greed of a few to choose for us an irrational and destructive course that is putting civilization, as we know it, in peril.

We will find the Beauty in us when every human being knows that, although we must unfold within the boundaries of a natural Order that allows a degree of freedom to choose, nobody … nobody … has the right to tell us how to choose our freedom or take away our right to choose.

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111 – What has Become of Our Capacity to Reason?

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

It has not been my intent to write about current events. My focus has been, and will continue to be, a Vision of an attainable world void of the dogmatism that leads us into division and hate and destruction, a Vision of a world open to our understanding of the natural processes from which we emerge into Life. But in lieu of the irrationality of current events, it is impossible to remain silent.

In the midst of an unprecedented environmental crisis, and without immediate threat to its sovereignty, the United States … with the subdued assent of its citizens … is on its march to war, again.

The ‘stated’ reason for this war is to destroy a brutal people who call themselves the Islamic State (or IS or ISIL or ISIS), a people engendered, mind you, by humiliation and hate for the gruesome devastation of their homeland.

But the ‘real’ reason for the United States to go to war is not to destroy ISIS, but to destroy its own weaponry (which was provided initially to rebel factions and is now in the hands of ISIS), and with full knowledge that the countries in the region are abundantly armed to handle the threat, to provide fresh new weaponry to ‘moderate’ rebel factions, thus gorging the ravenous apparatus of the greediest and most destructive corporation on earth.

We have done many irrational things in our evolution … it is supposed to be the way we learn … but instead of growing wiser, we are growing more and more irrational.

Nature has nurtured us for thousands of years, endowing us with the capacity, the resources, the intelligence, the ingenuity to advance the course of our development by imparting Education … free of dogma and the influence of money interests … to every human being on earth; to focus on expanding, not restricting, the reach of the human mind; and instead of inciting conflict, to resolve it with tolerance and understanding of its roots.

It is therefore terribly sad to see that in the face of the greatest environmental crisis Humanity has ever faced, the current leading power on earth … the people that showed us all a most beautiful experiment in Freedom … willingly walking, for all the wrong reasons, into the most irrational course imaginable.

What has become of our capacity to Reason?

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