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120 – The Reflection of Ourselves we don’t want to see …

Sunday, February 15th, 2015

Is ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) shoving a mirror in our faces so we can see how horrible we have become?

It is incredibly painful to watch the human animal … capable of so much beauty, claiming to be “highly evolved”, “highly intelligent” … destroying itself and its world under the self-imposed horrors of constant conflict, war, division, destruction, hate, deceit, rape, torture, fear and, the worst of all: No worth for human life.

It is incredibly painful because we do know the Key to a better world … problem is, the Key is locked in the coffers of those few who greedily control Knowledge.

The Key is simple … very, very simple: Greater and greater Equality, so more and more of us have access to the Knowledge that … as wise men and women of all cultures have been telling us throughout the ages … we are one of the most beautiful, most amazing, most ingenious creations of Nature, capable as no other creation we know of, of learning from the Past, and assessing possibilities, and deciding what to do with our Future.

Is ISIS shoving a mirror in our faces so we wake up from our conformity, and perhaps come to see the horrible reflection of ourselves those controlling the Key to Knowledge and Equality are creating for us?

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119 –The Profound Meaning of the Greatest Insight …

Sunday, February 1st, 2015

Since postulated in 1905, we have been mesmerized … and rightly so … by the mathematical prowess of Einstein’s E=mc2. With E=mc2 Einstein quantified the universal equilibrium between energy and mass, opening the doors to technological advances and a greater understanding of the physical world. But the profound meaning of this greatest of insights has been outshined.

“The mass of a body is a measure of its energy content”. * These were Einstein’s own words on explaining E=mc2. If we could look at the equation from the point of view, not of the contents, but of the body, the physical system that, amidst development and change, measures the content of its mass so it is always in relative equilibrium with its energy content, we then would realize that we are looking at the primordial act of Self-reflection in Nature.

The capacity to self-reflect, although mostly instinctive, is tangible to us: As the mass of our bodies (the combination of bones, muscles, blood, neurons, nerve connections) increases or decreases as we develop and change, the energy required to keep us in action and motion increases or decreases in relative measure (more mass = more energy, less energy = less mass). We do this mostly without thinking. Our bodies know instinctively how to do this balancing act on their own. The big difference with us is that we can not only affect this ongoing balancing act within us, but that we can also affect it in the natural world in which we exist.

I have always wondered if Einstein knew the profound meaning of his insight. With Relativity he discovered the key to a universal law that not only unifies everything, but that also encourages the onward movement towards complexity and order so evident in Nature. But I don’t think he fully realized the immensity of what he had discovered.

The innate capacity of a body … any physical system … to self-reflect upon its own contents and keep them in relative equilibrium    is the key to Existence. Although outshined by its mathematical prowess, this is the profound meaning of one of the greatest insights of the human mind.

*Highlights mine

Note: New posts are usually published on the 1st and 15th of the month. To subscribe to the blog click on the RSS feeder (orange icon) on the left column of the Home page or on the same icon on the barcode.