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122 – On the Universal Mind …

Sunday, March 15th, 2015

We have come to a point in our evolution where we are born into Life with a highly advanced neuronal connectivity that, to a degree, makes us capable of conceptualizing our Universe: How it works, how it has progressed with immense creativity through eons of time into a complex, organized and constantly changing system.

The Human animal is very inquisitive. Already in early civilizations, we were coming up with primitive concepts to explain our perception of a higher Order … the daily reappearance of the sun, the faces of the moon, the cycles of life and death, the returning constellations, the changing seasons … but unfortunately, in trying to fathom that Order, the crippling dogmatism of organized religions came into power to curb our inquisitiveness, castigating and eliminating those who defied them. And even so, in the midst of the horrors of indoctrination and greed for power and control that continue to dominate us to this day, there always shone the light of individuals who possessed not only the farsightedness of the universal mind … Socrates, Galileo … but also the courage to break free from the claws of dogma; a universal mind that realizes how intimate is our connection with the living Being we call our Universe, and how, amid the creation and annihilation of environmental forces, brings together all existing things under a common process that urges us to grow and thrive and bond and self-generate and survive.

And so, dominated by indoctrination and greed, instead of developing our ability to conceptualize our connection with the Universe that gives us Life, it is curbed. No curriculum, especially in Western educational systems, offers a methodical exploration of this, our magnificent ability. But we do possess it, and although dormant and subjugated we can liberate it on our own by beginning to look at things we innately do which reflect our Universe’s: Like generating our own components, self-organizing our own growth, adapting with immense creativity and a relative degree of choice to changing environments.

Long ago the universal mind of a philosopher* understood that “everything is involved in some kind of process which is common to all existing things”, and so he came to the realization that, by understanding the process in ourselves, we can begin to understand the Universe that originates it. Know Thyself.

As we imprint every cell in our bodies … DNA … with the urge to grow, thrive, bond, self-generate and survive, so our Universe imprints us … each and all of us … with the urge to grow, thrive, bond, self-generate and survive. As we are born with the innate ability to learn languages, so we are born with a universal mind that is innately capable of conceptualizing our intimate connection with our Universe.

A universal mind and being alive are our most beautiful possessions. Knowing this will change future generations as we, as an evolving species, delve into our destiny.

* The Philosophy of Aristotle. Monarch Notes

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121 – On the Phenomenon of Mind …

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

There are two great misconceptions in our understanding of the Mind; these errors not only have a destructive impact on our behavior but, most importantly, obscure for us the true nature of the phenomenon.

Under these misconceptions we currently believe

1 – that the Mind is separate from the Body and

2 – that the Mind is exclusively a human phenomenon.

A relative degree of self-control … on how we give direction to our bodies and shape our future … gives us an illusion of Separation from the world around us, from other people, from the environment. And a relative capacity to self-reflect … to be able to reflect upon our own actions … gives us an illusion of Specialness; the illusion that we are superior to the rest of Nature. But having a relative degree of self-control and a relative capacity to self-reflect are not limited to us. The delusion that they are is dangerous because it debases Nature and excuses our irrational devastation of the same environment that has allowed the evolution of our self-reflective minds.

I don’t claim to understand what Mind is … as someone wisely said: a Mind cannot understand itself … but there are self-evident and undeniable facts about the phenomenon that can be grasped with our capacity to introspect.

The Mind is impenetrable and unique to each entity; it is the result of the accumulation of evolutionary traits we bring into existence as members of a particular species; those traits begin to be developed … positively or negatively, intuitively or self-determinedly, creatively or destructively … according to the distinct experiences we learn from the moment we are conceived and start affecting and being affected by environments. Whether it be a cell, a human being, a planet, a Universe, these two factors, evolutionary traits and distinct experiences, are the source of Mind in Nature. A Mind cannot exist without them, and nothing in Nature can exist without a Mind.

But our delusion that the phenomenon of Mind is purely ours makes us deny it to the rest of Nature.

And thus, for instance, we deny the Ovum a Mind, when we know it chooses a single Sperm … an evolutionary trait, yes … but once impregnated it begins one of the most amazing, intelligent, organized and self-determined efforts to create, duplication by duplication, a greater and more complex Mind.

And thus we deny the earth a Mind, when we know it has created a favorable environment … an evolutionary trait, yes … but it has sustained it, persistently, in relative equilibrium through eons of time, so myriad varieties of Life can come into existence with a chance to evolve into complexity and higher levels of intelligence, thus paving the way for the Mind to grow aware of itself.

And thus we deny our Universe a Mind, when it is obvious that it couldn’t have evolved, nor continue to evolve into increasing levels of Organization and Order, without the degree of self-control and the capacity to self-reflect of a creative, self-generating and self-determined Mind.

Although all of the above are self-evident if not proven Facts, we will not come down from our arrogant pulpit of Separation and Specialness until we accept the Truth that Mind … in myriad degrees of intuition and self-determination … is innate, not just in us, but in all of Nature.

Note: New posts are usually published on the 1st and 15th of the month. To subscribe to the blog click on the RSS feeder (orange icon) on the left column of the Home page or on the same icon on the barcode.