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130 – The Greatest Obstacle …

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

What do you do when you Know, but lack the “qualifications” (Communication skills, degrees, awards, etc., etc) to share the Knowledge that our brains are already so advanced, so intelligent, so introspective, that we now posses the capacity to comprehend our connection to the magnificent Order that underlies the Universe?

The Universal Order is evident in the creative progression of Evolution into higher and higher levels of complexity, in the Periodic Table of the chemical elements, in the coordinated movement of planets and stars, in the symmetrical dance of energy and mass, in the awe-inspiring harmony of a rainbow.  It is evident within us in the synchronized rhythms of Life, in the methodical self-organization of cells in our bodies, in the molecular structure of the DNA double helix, in our primordial sanction to bond and procreate, in our instinctive urge to survive. But blinded by the illusion that we are Separate from Nature, most of us don’t even consider the possibility of contemplating our connection to that Order.

The extent of our illusion is akin to that of our ancestors’ centuries ago who, relying solely on visual perception to understand macroscopic interactions, were under the illusion that the sun circled the earth and we were the center of the Universe. Today, while accepting the Fact that our organic senses do not always give us an accurate picture of reality (the Air we breathe and fills all spaces appears transparent to us but is in reality thick with molecules; the Light that emanates from the sun and from electricity seems invisible to us but is in reality corpuscular), nonetheless we continue to rely on our senses to understand our interactions with the natural world.

Our experience of the world … the forms, tastes, smells and sounds we perceive … is basically the result of the bombardment of information constantly relayed to our senses by our internal and external environments through interactions with the microscopic world of atoms, molecules, cells. But because our senses are currently unable to perceive these microscopic interactions, we are under the illusion that we are detached from the environment.

This illusion of Separation, so unique to each of us yet so common to all of us, encourages our devastation of the natural world in which our lives depend.

It is thus significant to realize that the same scientific methodology which helped Humanity centuries ago to overcome the illusion that we were the center of the Universe, is the same scientific methodology that today, with its focus on Reductionism and its disdain of Wholeness, is our greatest obstacle to overcome our detrimental illusion of Separation and to conceptualize our connection to the Universal Order.

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129 – The Aim of Evolution …

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

Each atom, each molecule, each cell, and each organ and system they form in my body, carries the history of my developmental ascent within an evolving primordial Process. This is a fact I understand and accept theoretically, but not emotionally, not perceptually … not yet. My mind has not reached that level of self-awareness.

Desperately wanting to believe the fallacy that we are ‘the darlings of Creation’ and have nothing to do with Nature but consume it and control it, we not only fail to perceive our connection with and complete dependence on this primordial Process, but fail to perceive – emotionally, sensually, physically – its great beauty.

This evolving Process brings together diverse forms of existence, and connects them in ways that, as a unit, create a mind; the central center we perceive as the “I”, where information is gathered by our diverse components to be analyzed, where we begin to self-examine, to sense ourselves in an environment, to grow conscious of our awareness, and to feel the power to transform ourselves and our world.

This, awareness of self-awareness – to know that we have the power to transform the primordial Process yet cannot exist without it, is, I believe, the aim of Evolution.

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Note: New posts are usually published on the 1st and 15th of the month. To subscribe to the Blog, click on the RSS feeder (orange icon) on the left column of the Home page, down below the Archives.