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138 – Contradiction & Agreement in Nature …

Sunday, November 15th, 2015

As everything in Nature, we are a world of Contradictions and Agreements.

To come into a relatively pre-programmed yet unique form of existence we must emerge anew from an ancient source. Then begin the creation of a Self by devouring nourishment. And although the Self is regulated by primal instincts, we still can guide it with a degree of choice.

To create a unique Self we must conform to a common order.

To conform we must constantly change.

To constantly change we must endure.

To endure we must labor.

In laboring we grow and age.

And in growing and ageing we ultimately come into a transformative end – into the discerning portal that might grant us … as measured by the significance of our existence … passage into a new beginning.

Devouring in order to create, conforming in order to be unique, regulated by instincts yet having a degree of choice, dying to begin anew, may seem contradictions.

They are not.

There is no creation without destruction as there is no destruction without creation.

There is no instinct without choice as there is no choice without instinct.

There is no conforming without change as there is no change without conforming.

There is no labor without endurance as there is no endurance without labor.

There is no beginning without an end as there is no end without a beginning.

There are in Nature no contradictions without agreements; only man, unreasonable in his make-believe dogmatism, seems to find no agreement to his contradictions.

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137 – Why are We so Cruel?

Sunday, November 1st, 2015

We are so cruel because most of us follow, as ‘revelation’, the words of books filled with horrendous cruelty.

We are so cruel because from very early in Life we are taught to fear and loathe ‘the other’, to unquestionably obey an archaic and patriarchal belief system that has dominated us through millennia by inciting division and cruelty and disregard for life.

Like Hatred, and unlike Love which is innate in us … we are born wanting to love and be loved … Cruelty is learned and oftentimes incited very early in life. Along with Hate, Cruelty drives us … like no other animal on earth … to kill our own with increasingly sophisticated weaponry, to torture ‘the other’ with pre-meditation and degrading humiliation, to de-humanize those we want to oppress or destroy, to obliterate the value of life.

Isn’t this a troubling sign that something has gone terribly wrong with us?

How does a belief system dominated by Division, Cruelty and Hate take hold on our cultures and become so ‘normal’ that we allow its perpetuation without a second thought? How does a tide of vicious dominance that is almost as old as we are can be changed?

Only when bringing into focus the destructiveness of our dominant belief system and the horrifying fact that we are perpetuating it by inciting it on our children, can we begin to answer the questions – and only then we will be free to begin to explore a new belief system based on the self-evident fact that we are participants in a magnificent and creative Universal Order that, although it demands of us … as of everything in Nature … to consume other living organisms in order to survive, it also endows us … as no other creature we know of … with the self-awareness of our power to change and our need … even under the horrors of war and the ignominy of hate and cruelty … to love and be loved.

If we have the intelligence and the power to create a world of Division and Hate and Cruelty, why don’t we use our intelligence and our power to create instead a world without them?

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