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142 – Destructive/Creative Nature …

Friday, January 15th, 2016

Destruction in Nature, although in some cases cyclical and in others pre-determined by evolutionary forces … collisions, tornadoes, epidemics, consumption … is chaotic and volatile in its passage towards some form of Creation.

Creation, on the other hand, is supple yet progressive in its ascending patterns. This is evident in the steady self-generation and self-organization of Nature’s evolutionary process towards higher and higher levels of complexity and order.

Destruction and Creation are the balancing forces of Nature’s evolutionary process. Creation cannot exist without some form of Destruction, nor Destruction without some form of Creation.

Everything in Nature … every physical system, every atom, every cell, every human being, every solar system … self-balances through a continuous process of Destruction and Creation of energy sources (consumption, conversion, dissipation). This ongoing process makes the system completely dependent on availability of resources; a dependency that induces creativity as the system strives to adapt and survive in changing environments.

Whatever we call our species … Humankind, Humanity, Homo Sapiens … we are, as a whole, a physical system subject to the laws of Nature. We are a congregation of billions of human beings; each striving to find a purpose, each participating with some degree of choice in the evolution of the species, each dependent on a balanced consumption and dissipation of energy sources in order to survive. And as such we have been proven to be highly creative, but also horribly destructive. We have broken the natural equilibrium of the earth’s environment with our exponential growth.

Evolution has taken us, as far as we can tell, to become the most highly self-reflective species on earth. But blinded by the destructive ideology of “Unlimited Growth” in a limited environment and by the conflict-ridden dogmas of organized religion, we have not been able to attain a creative Vision for the future of our species. It is thus we are ignoring, almost completely, the threat of our rampant growth to the equilibrium of the environment in which we totally depend.

We are lost without a Vision.

What a tragedy this is! With the Dawn of Conscious Self-reflection in us … the only ones we know of … we are lost under the stubbornness and blind aggression of male dominated ideologies that are forcing, not only the power of our creativity into perpetuating a cycle of horrible destruction, but the power of Nature itself into bringing the equilibrium we have not been able to attain.

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141 – Should I Dare Tackle “Spirit”?

Friday, January 1st, 2016

Should I dare tackle “Spirit”, the holy of holies, the mystery of mysteries, the Primordial Force inciting every creature in Nature to self-organize, to self-preserve, to bond and ultimately, to create the phenomenon of “Mind” which in us, the only creature we know of, is pioneering the wonder of Conscious Self-reflection?

No one knows how the body creates the mind, nor how the mind organizes and moves the body, nor how … as One … mind and body become conscious of something primal and forceful … their source of volition! … yet ephemeral and fragile … a spirit! … giving our bodies the power to enact what our minds imagine, coaxing us towards Purpose and Transcendence to reach out beyond our limitations, but ay, so easily overcome by greed, rage, ignorance.

So what is it that we call Spirit? Outside of dogmatic interpretations of religious beliefs, Spirit is the primordial Life Force of Existence that, in conjunction with our minds and our bodies, has evolved in us to become self-conscious of our capacity to learn from the past and plan for the future, to judge our mistakes, to glory in our successes, to be aware of our own awareness. And laden with Instinct and open with Infinity, Spirit makes us passive and active, to hate and love, to disdain and yearn, to surrender and struggle, to close our minds with dogma blinding us with ignorance and to open them with wonder illuminating us with knowledge.

Spirit, from the Latin spiritus, is the Force of Existence, permeating the entire Universe and binding mind and body, energy and mass … its fundamental complements … into multitude of forms and, notwithstanding their size nor their level of complexity, infusing them all with the momentum to begin the supple process of self-creation, self-organization, adaptation, self-generation, self-perpetuation – the momentum we call Life.

What an arrogance to try to tackle Spirit, the holy of holies, the mystery of mysteries. But how to explain this Force inside of us, inciting us from the moment of conception … like a little plant, or a bird, or a cell, or the earth, or the sun … to persevere with such determination, to endure, to live on oftentimes against all odds. How to explain the fact that I can touch this Force when I cup my hands together and bury my face in them, and feel my breath, the emanating warmth from within, the stable rhythm, the ancient yearning of the universal Spirit inciting us all to Exist with such determination, so It can exist itself.

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