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152 – On Fields and Forces …

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

Why are ‘trained’ scientists so reticent to accept that those theories on which they base their understanding of the biological and physical world also apply to us, human beings, as biological and physical systems?

Why can they not see that we are flowing fields through which energy runs, contracts, and expands? Why can they not see that as the flow of energy passing from atom to atom and cell to cell is a force of transformation, so is the flow of energy passing from person to person? Why can they not see that as the forces of transformation created by atoms and cells are powerful and tender, creative and destructive, instinctive and self-determined, rigid and supple, and, oh, so pregnant with the potential to transform the course of the evolutionary processes through which they are transmitted, so are the forces of transformation passing through us?

Fields of energy are forces with which bodies cannot only transform themselves and others but potentially transform multitudes and even future generations. Some examples of these forces in our history are individuals like Jesus, Hitler, or Gandhi, whose strong convictions became forces of transformation that incited multitudes into action.

But on a more personal level, think about falling in love. Think about how intently we focus our entire being on getting the One we love to love us back. Every cell in our bodies responds to our feelings, desires, fears, anxieties. Our moods, sensations, heartbeat, temperature are enhanced, and our bodies respond accordingly; we sweat, tremble, ache to touch and be touched. Our desire ignites a collective call in our bodies to fulfill the primal mandates to belong, self-generate, and transcend. And whether or not we achieve our goal, a field of energy is created in which we become a force of transformation.

It is indisputable that, like atoms and cells, we interact with each other and with our world by transforming energy into forces that can be strong and weak, destructive and creative, negative and positive, instinctive and self-determined. But our scientific endeavor has grown entangled in the illusion of our separation from Nature to consider the possibility that our fundamental interactions are not different from those of the world of their theories. Would it not be exciting if scientists, instead of emphasizing our separation from Nature by excluding us from their theories, transform the search for what they are already searching, a Unified Theory, by including us?

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151 – We are Citizens of the Universe

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

There is a growing number of people, especially among younger generations, beginning to see that we are not citizens of a Nation but citizens of the World.

This movement has been incited not only by the brutalities committed in the name of Nationalism, but by the disregard of Nations and multi-national corporations for the welfare of the disadvantaged.

With the degree of intelligence we have already acquired through our evolution, it is uncanny to witness a world that disregards the value of human life and oppresses the oppressed through warmongering, terror, cruelty, corruption, poverty.  Aldous Huxley’s words on our war ethos resonate today with intense poignancy: “One has this extraordinary and paradoxical spectacle of unprecedented skill and knowledge and devotion and work and money being poured out on projects which can lead not to life, liberty, and happiness, but only to misery, to servitude, and to death.” [1]

Although it is exciting to see movement towards the recognition of our citizenship of the World, I hope it leads to the recognition of our citizenship of the Universe – as we fundamentally are.

This is why it amazes me to no end to see how scientists, already possessing several physical theories that demonstrate our connection with our Universe, are unable to make the connection. They treat the theories they specialize in as if they have nothing to do with the others, thus overlooking the Universal Process that encompasses them all.

Everything in Nature is bound by and participates in a Universal Process, a Blueprint for development that, beginning upon becoming, proceeds into self-organization, bonding, self-generation, adaptation, self-regulation, self-perpetuation, transformation. Although manifesting in infinitely diverse ways, the universality of this Process is self-evident in all of Nature. Nothing can exist nor be functional without it.

 You are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have the right to be here. [2]

Trees, stars, human beings are congregations of interconnected components that intuitively bond together into cohesive, dynamic, pliable, and self-sufficient systems (Bell’s Theorem).

Trees, stars, human beings attain Permanence through a sustained equilibrium between energy consumed and energy generated (Relativity, Dissipative Structures).

Trees, stars, human beings self-contain, self-regulate, self-generate, and self-perpetuate while maintaining a given configuration (Autopoiesis).

Trees, stars, human beings are utterly unique in composition and common in the shared structure of a species and universal in the reiteration of a fundamental blueprint of development (Complementarity, Mandelbrot Set).

Trees, stars, human beings develop in accordance with an evolutionary process that endows them with a degree of freedom in adaptation (Evolution).

Trees, stars, human beings are catalysts for transformation (Quantum Field Theory).

When we look deeply, not into what separates us but what unites us, it is impossible not to see the connection: As the trees and the stars, we are all citizens of the Universe.


[1] Aldous Huxley: The Human Situation, Santa Barbara Lectures, 1959

[2] From “Desiderata” by Max Erhmann

Revised November 2020   

Note: New posts are usually published on the 1st and 15th of the month. To subscribe to the Blog, click on the RSS feeder (orange icon) on the Home page’s left column, down below the Archives.