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154 – On Holography …

Friday, July 15th, 2016

How holograms work: Laser light is much purer than ordinary light. In ordinary light, the waves are random, jumbled up, and run along like schoolchildren racing down a corridor when the bell rings for home time. But in a laser beam, the light waves are coherent; they all travel precisely in step, like soldiers marching on parade.

When a laser beam is split up in two to make a hologram, the light waves in each beam continue to travel in identical steps. But while one of the beams, the reference beam, is directed unencumbered onto a recording medium, the other, the object beam, is first directed at the object, and then redirected onto the recording medium. Since the object beam was disturbed by reflecting off the outer surface of the object when the two beams are recombined in the photographic plate, they intersect and interfere with each other, and the interference pattern they create is a virtual image of the object. That image is burned permanently by the beams into the photographic plate, and the hologram becomes a permanent record of what something looks like seen from any angle.

Since every point in the hologram catches light waves from every point in the object, wherever you look at the hologram you see exactly every point as if you had been looking at the real object, and as you move your head around, the holographic image appears to change just as the image of a real object changes. That is why holograms appear to be three-dimensional.

And this is really neat, if you break a hologram into tiny pieces, you can still see in any of the pieces the entire object: smash a glass hologram of a cup into bits and you can still see the entire cup in any of the bits! Each piece of a hologram contains a particular perspective of the image, but it includes the entire object. [1]

In the words of the Norwegian intellectual Jostein Gaarder in “Sophie’s World”: If a hologram “depicts a car, for example, and the hologram is fragmented, we will see a picture of the whole car even though we only have the part of the hologram that showed the bumper. This is because the whole subject is present in every tiny part. In a sense, our bodies are built up in the same way. If I loosen a skin cell from my finger, the nucleus will contain not only the characteristics of my skin; the same cell will also reveal what kind of eyes I have, the color of my hair, the number and type of my fingers, and so on. Every cell of the human body carries a blueprint of the way all the other cells are constructed. So, there is ‘something of everything’ in every single cell. The whole exists in each tiny part.” [2]

We are like a hologram. We imprint every cell we create in our bodies with exactly the same blueprint to develop an organism: self-organize, bond, self-generate, self-regulate, adapt, self-perpetuate, and transform with a degree of freedom to affect and be affected by environments.

Our Universe is like a hologram. It imprints every one of its components, including you and I, with a blueprint to develop with a degree of freedom to affect and be affected by our internal and external environments. “This is the blueprint of Creation: Every moment we create something eminently new and something eminently old.” [3] This is how, as you and I re-create ourselves upon the lessons of our primal inheritance, so our Universe re-creates itself. This kind of interrelatedness is about impossible for us to comprehend under a paradigm based on our separation from Nature. Yet, amazingly enough, over two thousand years ago, the Greek philosopher Anaxagoras [500-428 BC] already saw the interrelatedness of everything: “There is something of everything in everything”.

Because every one of us is imprinted with a universal blueprint, the whole magnificent mystery can be glimpsed at by understanding ourselves. Answers to the mystery of the Universe are contained within us.

Like the Universe, we are a universe.

[1] Abstracted from “How holograms work” at: And “When a piece is a whole” from

[2] Highlights mine

[3] Unknown

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153 – It is Wrong. Terribly Wrong …

Friday, July 1st, 2016

Have we ever asked our rational selves, our leaders, why do we, homo sapiens, supposedly the most ‘intelligent’ creature on earth, keep creating ever more powerful and sophisticated weaponry with the sole intent to kill our kin? Why do we, as if ultimately it will not affect us, continue to overwhelm the fragile balance of the atmosphere in which our lives depend? Why do we, at such a disparate level of inequality, accept the fact that a few individuals can hold most of the wealth of the world, while children, by the millions, die of starvation? Why do we, instead of teaching our children to nurture Nature because it gives us life, teach them to plunder it and rape it?

We live under the domination of an irrational and destructive paradigm. A paradigm of our creation that for millennia has been indoctrinating a great majority of humanity under the fallacies that we must unquestionably obey the authority of vengeful ‘idols’ (gods, dogma, nations, money) and that our existence is separate from and superior to Nature’s. Under this paradigm, we affirm the irrational belief that, without consequences, we have the right to annihilate and torture, not only those who do not accept our creeds but also the natural world that sustains us and gives us life. Under this paradigm, we have come to rationalize irrational delusions the likes of: To win entrance to a fictional heaven, we must accept a life of sacrifice and subservience; those who dare to disclose acts against humanity must be castigated and often destroyed; the measure of Progress is irresponsible, unsustainable and destructive consumption; Heroism is the will to die and kill for someone else’s doctrine. What a monumental set of delusions! And to think that this is enforced with the sole purpose to indulge the scourge of insatiable greed.

In the scheme of Nature’s evolutionary process, homo sapiens (from the Latin sapiens: capable of discerning) is in an early stage of development. But although we claim to have progressed into a ‘civilized’ human being, we continue, like our barbaric ancestors, to be driven by Fear, Greed, and Hate. And so, our behavior continues to be so irrational, so aggressive, so self-destructive, that we have become deadened to Wrongs the likes of: Power-hungry and heartless corporate systems that can steal with impunity from the hungry and the disadvantaged; economic and political ideologies that promote ravenous consumption to feed the greed of the rich and powerful while dehumanizing levels of poverty, ignorance, and despair are perpetuated; belief systems that have reached such a degree of degeneration that we have de-valued human life to scapegoat, torture and kill without a second thought, without regret, without compassion. Is it not a travesty to have been turned, we, homo sapiens, the beautiful, insightful being capable of discerning Right from Wrong, into this?

It is wrong, terribly wrong. And we know it. And we know that the only way to right it is for us to acknowledge that we know it is wrong.

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