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160 – What Makes Us So Blind? …

Saturday, October 15th, 2016

What makes us so blind that we cannot see we are making the wrong decisions: supporting constant conflict, creating scapegoats to sway judgment through fear, building more and more powerful weapons of mass destruction, allowing educational systems to focus on aggressive and irresponsible consumerism. These decisions, and others alike … as is plainly obvious … are driving us into a world consumed by hate, fear, greed.

With immense creativity we have been able to discern the structure of the Atom, the double helix of the DNA molecule, the economy of the periodic table of the chemical elements, the shape of the galaxy we are embedded in. But we remain in complete ignorance about how our organic brain induces a mind bent on comprehending itself; or why is music such an immanent and expressive part of us; or why is love a force that can make us incredibly happy and excruciatingly desolate; or how, engendered from the coupling of mere two cells, an organization of myriads and myriads of them can end up creating something as beautiful as Beethoven’s Ninth or Einstein’s e=mc2; or why, amid destruction and seeming randomness, is Nature incontrovertibly moving towards complexity?

Creativity is one of our most beautiful characteristics, but instead of making us wiser we have turned it into a distressing tool.

We have created a world where a great part of humanity is barely able to survive; where children are abandoned to the elements because parents cannot provide shelter or food; where fear is manufactured and used to induce violence and war; where deceit, corruption and oppression are used to create the horrendous levels of poverty and ignorance that annihilate the human spirit. We have created a world where there is so much cruelty, devastation, hate, injustice, inequality, deception, that Beauty is ever more and more difficult for us to see.

Why are we doing this? Why? Can we not see it is wrong?

What make us so blind?

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159 – On God & Evil …

Saturday, October 1st, 2016

Whether male or female or both, we have always needed the concept of a deity to explain natural events unexplainable at the time … thunder, lightning, the motion of the sun and the moon across the sky, the creative and destructive power of Nature, the mystery of Life … and throughout our history this primal need has been used to assert a fallacy: That the world was created to be good and predetermined by an omnipotent and omniscient god.

But this fallacy came up against insurmountable challenges: The destructiveness and cruelty of Nature where life is re-generated by killing other life, and our tenacious possession of Choice to make decisions.

And so to overcome the contradiction of Cruelty, Death and Choice under the goodness and predetermination of an all-powerful and all-knowing god, the devil was created: It was the devil, not god, who brought the choice to be cruel and to kill into the world.

It is understandable that this idiocy could be believed under the ignorance of medieval times, but today!!!

As highly evolved as we are today, we are capable not only of discerning and reflecting upon the unending creativity and astonishing beauty of Nature, but also of witnessing, and oftentimes experiencing its horrendous destructiveness and cruelty. And so the duality of Nature is in plain view to us: Nature is both, Creative and Destructive … God and Evil! … not one or the other.

Just look at yourself: destroying other forms of life to create your own.

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