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189 – The Universe in Me …

Monday, January 15th, 2018

When I think about my Self as more than the communal activity of myriad components in my body, I cannot help but contemplate the fact that I am just a partial operator. I am partial because at the moment I was conceived, the driving force of a ‘primordial being’ most of us perceive as our subconscious instincts took ownership of my life. This being is the one who knew how to generate and build out of two miniscule cells the entire structure of my body; it is who deciphers the input my body gathers from the environment and transforms it into a self-reflective mind; it is the partial operator that tries to understand itself, make sense of the world, and feast on the boundless reaches of the imagination.

And even though my partnership with a ‘primordial being’ is what gives me the physical experience of tentatively yet steadily traversing through Life, the only sources we are given to understand it are the dogmatic teachings of organized religions, and science’s claims that the primordial power of our instincts is a ‘self–less’, mechanical phenomenon. But how can something as complex as the human animal, in which trillions of connections create a mind that tries to understand itself, be self–less, something that happens by chance? It is so, I must rely on instincts:

The being behind our subconscious instincts is the universal force manifesting in my desires, fears, needs; it is the being mandating me to become, self-organize, bond, self-generate, adapt, self-regulate, self-perpetuate, while endowing me with a degree of freedom to transform myself and, perhaps even the world.

The primordial being I share my body with is the Universe in me. And I am made to see it.

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