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195 – On Vacation …

Sunday, April 15th, 2018

I am on vacation.  If everything goes as planned, I will post again on May 1, 2018.

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194 – Evil does not exist …

Sunday, April 1st, 2018

The history of how man acquired power and control over his world is full of examples of lies fabricated either to shift blame for his destructive actions or to avoid acknowledging his ignorance about events he cannot understand.

The concept of ‘evil’ in some cultures and religious beliefs is an example of the fabrication of a lie in early patriarchal civilizations to avoid responsibility for their actions and blame them on someone or something else. As a result, we are now not only extremely good at lying and shifting responsibility for the consequences of our actions, but we have become the cruelest and most destructive species on earth.

Catastrophes and astronomical events like epidemics, floods, solar eclipses, and so forth were also blamed on ‘evil forces,’ but this is more difficult now with technological advances that explain their causes.

I believe that, historically, the main culprit reinforcing the fallacy of the existence of ‘evil’ throughout the ages has been the Roman Catholic Church. Under pressure to protect its fundamental dogma of an ‘all-powerful and knowing god’ in the face of the destructive and cruel aspects of man and Nature, the Church fabricated the lie of an evil ‘dark angel’ to exonerate the lack of power of their omnipotent god.

How have the men of the Roman Church been able to get away with this lie for so long is beyond conception? The lie is pathetic: How can an ‘all-knowing god’ not know the consequences of what ‘he’ was creating? Yet with the horrors of the Inquisition, the barbarism of the Crusades, the cruelties committed under the threat of eternal punishment for disobeying or questioning patriarchal authority, the lie has been imprinted on the minds of its believers while turning into a perfect alibi: If the men of the Church can shift the responsibility upon others for their lies, why not the common man. The allure of this train of thought spread to other beliefs and has disastrously dominated entire cultures.

Thus, seemingly intelligent and learned people like politicians and heads of corporations and religious organizations lie with impunity and without a hint of compassion for the innocent beings they blame for their crimes.

Nature is the creative evolutionary process that progresses amid constant change towards complexity and order. This progression is achieved through the innate capacity of all naturally evolving systems to search for equilibrium between energy consumed and energy exerted. As far as we know, nothing in Nature can develop, survive, and transform its environment without a degree of equilibrium., This is evident, for instance, in the human fetus. From the moment it begins to develop, the human fetus already knows how to balance the energy consumed through nutrients in the placenta with the energy exerted in its growth. Like everything in Nature, the human fetus inherently knows how to sustain this equilibrium while it creates the complex organism of a human being.

Like everything in Nature, we consume other forms of life as sources of energy to fuel our existence, which in simple terms means that we kill other living things for sustenance.

The inherent nature of Existence is Transformation through Creation and Destruction and would not be possible without either one. But because the destructive element is uncertain and oftentimes chaotic, catastrophic, and devastating, it does not mean it is ‘evil’; it is just the essential complement that nurtures the progression of Nature towards complexity and order.

Evil does not exist.

When will the human mind realize that the fabrication of ‘evil’ is akin to those of mermaids and unicorns? But although the latter ones are innocent and inconsequential, the fallacy of ‘evil’ imprisons our minds and drives us into deception and cruelty.

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