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199 – Beautiful and Horrific …

Friday, June 15th, 2018

As a species, our history is both beautiful and horrific.

Of all the animals on Earth that we know of, the human animal is the only one capable of reaching the most extreme opposites in the spectrum of behaviors: We can be intelligent, thoughtful, creative, altruistic, compassionate, wise, gentle, excruciatingly beautiful. And we can be greedy, selfish, intolerant, destructive, corrupt, barbarous, cruel, deceitful, grotesquely oblivious to our own monstrosities.

I believe it is extremely important in our education to acknowledge both sides … the beautiful and the horrific in us; the terrifying reaches of our inhumanity and the beautiful summits of our humanity … together they tell us how we have come to be what we are.

From a chimp-like humanoid to the evolving creature we call Homo Sapiens, we have adapted to every habitable niche on the surface of the planet; we have learned to manage the resources of the Earth to feed our exploding population growth; we have overcome the limitations of our organic senses to explore the immensity of the universe and the microscopic world of the atomic particles; we have evolved sophisticated languages to talk about life, love, wisdom, happiness;  we have the capacity to reach extraordinary heights of altruism during catastrophic events; we have developed amazingly complex technologies to create, among other things, a hand-held gadget that connects us with the rest of us; we have become aware of the amazing beauty of our own awareness.

But we have allowed greed to become the driving force behind our economic, religious, and political paradigms. A selfish, reckless greed for power and possessions that has overtaken us, blinding us to such levels of irrationality that knowingly, we … the most thoughtful, creative, altruistic, compassionate, wise, gentle, excruciatingly beautiful animal on Earth … send millions of us into abject poverty and desperation, and we, with full knowledge of what we are doing, devise weaponry capable of wiping life off the face of the Earth.

Most behaviors that drive us to commit horrible things … selfishness, blindness, intolerance, corruption, destructiveness, cruelty, deceitfulness … stem from our greed. Recognizing this may be a first step in understanding why we, Homo Sapiens (wise!!!), have come to create a world where in the midst of obscene wealth millions die of starvation; a world where the profits of the war machine are of more consequence than the millions killed by the ravages of manufactured conflict; a world where the horrors committed in the name of greed make it difficult for us to see how beautiful we are.

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198 – What have we created? …

Friday, June 1st, 2018

What have we created that when faced with of a society where the future is a bleak promise of constant conflict, destruction, intolerance, hate, cruelty, division, irrationality, deceit, inequality;

where half the population struggles to make ends meet while the other half struggles not to notice, and there is no time left to hear the young cries of distress;

where opioids and weapons of war are abundant and easier to get than a six-pack of beer;

where suicide is the third leading cause of death in young people between the ages of 10 and 24; *

where prostituted educational systems brainwash young minds to believe that it is right to promote the deadly corporate agenda pillaging the earth, stealing their future, obliterating hope;

a society so accomplished and resourceful, so promising, yet so distraught by intolerance, by our terrifying silence about the ravages we cause, the pain we inflict, that a seventeen-year-old in Texas, a nineteen-year-old in Florida, a fifteen-year-old in Kentucky … to name just a few of the kids behind dozens of school shootings … can come, with horrific premeditation, to the decision that the only alternative is to kill as many people as possible?

What have we created?

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*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention