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217 – Entanglement …

Friday, March 15th, 2019

“Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated, interact, or share spatial proximity in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently of the state of the other(s), even when the particles are separated by a large distance.” Wikipedia.

Doing my daily breathing exercises – deep inhaling and exhaling – makes me keenly conscious not only of how instinctive my breathing process is but how dependent my life is on it. My body, as it has been doing from the moment I took my first breath, takes in oxygen from the environment and, combining it with the foods I consume, convert it into the physical energy that empowers me as a cohesive being, to move around, to do things, to develop relationships, to think thoughts, to create a mind that not only lets me reflect upon myself and the world around me, but upon the world beyond the reach of my organic limitations.

The only way this process is realized is through the intimate interconnectedness – Entanglement – of every single component in my body; a level of connectivity so immediate and so thorough that to take a step in a specific direction, the particles in my brain know, instantly, how and when the particles in my feet will act – this is the only way I can go places, this is the only way I can be me, this is the physical force of Entanglement that gives the determined progression to my presence in the world.

The more I study the beauty and insight of theories like Entanglement which seek to understand the nature of our Universe, the more certain I am in my assertion that they not only explain the nature of atomic particles, but are also good enough to explain the nature of being human.

To illustrate this claim, let me apply the tenets of the above Wikipedia definition of Entanglement, not to pairs or groups of particles, but to us.

Entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of human beings are engendered (with species-specific DNA), interact (with conscious awareness of ourselves and others), or share spatial proximity (with the same need for oxygen and the chemical balance of  the Earth to be alive) in ways such that the state of each human being cannot be described independently of the state of another, even when we are separated by a large distance, i.e. one human being in the Sahara and the other in Antarctica.

Entanglement has been scientifically proved to be an incredibly ingenious assembling Force, possibly as primal as the Universe itself, and decisively not random since it is obvious that it progresses toward complexity and order – it conceivably began to manifest it power of self-organization with the early atomic particles as they began to assemble into increasingly complex systems.

And even though Entanglement has been proven to be a primal Force that, without regards to where on Earth each of us is    nor what the color of our skin is, connects us all with the shared characteristics of humankind; and even though Entanglement is proven to be a creative and organizing Force that assembles every single atom, every single cell, every single organ in our bodies into the magic of conscious self-awareness, it then makes me wonder why it is not a critical subject, not just in the Physics classroom but in those of elementary studies?

The knowledge that opens our perception to our intimate connection with the world, catapults us into higher levels of Humanity.

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216 – The greatest challenge …

Friday, March 1st, 2019

“Your children are not your children.  They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.  They come through you but not from you, and though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

You may give them your love but not your thoughts, for they have their own thoughts. You may house their bodies but not their souls, for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.  You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.   For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.  You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.”

Excerpt from Kahlil Gibran “The Prophet”

Life is a constant struggle between shifting opposites

Acceptance Intolerance
Boldness Timidity
Openness Reticence
Equality Discrimination
Despair Hope
Failure Success
Strength Feebleness
Greed Generosity
Obedience Rebelliousness
Truthfulness Deceit
Hate Love
Health Illness
Justice Corruption
Leader Follower
Wealth Poverty
Security Uncertainty
Virtue Vice
Wisdom Folly
Free will Determinism, etc., etc.

Some of us are open to the new and challenging, some of us prefer the norm and the safety of routines. But the essence of survival is to find a balance, an equilibrium between opposites, seeking to remain closest to the middle without compromising our integrity.

Although not included in the list above, the most dramatic set of opposites is, to me, to be or not to be. They are the existential challenge we, as no other creature we know of, face when gifted with health, opportunity, power, and must decide whether to be what we want to be, or what others want us to be.

During our upbringing, and under the name of Love, most of us are forced to fall in step with established norms of behavior – conformity with educational curriculums that perpetuate consumption and corruption, obedience to authority, unwavering respect for our parents. A vision for our future under these norms, especially during our formative years, hangs on the support of family, society, educational, and beliefs systems, and is therefore greatly dependent on the dictates of others. To break away from these dictates is almost impossible, and therefore our innate capacity to hear the internal call of our destiny is overpowered. It is thus most of us end up pursuing the expectations of others.

Life is the most amazing gift we are given. But we never asked for it. And because in human civilizations, shelter, food, and education are provided in our early years, a right to demand obedience and a sense of entitlement easily surface when we dare question the decisions made for us. We become property; there are expectations to be fulfilled and consequences if they are not; we are owned. So, Life becomes a struggle to be free, a struggle to find what we are, a struggle to take control of our own destiny.

This is at the bottom of Humanity’s predicament: to be what we want to be, or be what others expect of us.

And so, how to be what we truly want to be when we have already lost ourselves to the expectations of others?

How do we break away from something like that?

A first step is to accept the reality that, although it might have been done unwittingly or with the best of intentions by those we had no other choice but to trust, it was a terrible wrong: they annihilated our dreams as theirs probably were.

A second step and the most important is to know that we are a commanding PRESENCE in the world; a PRESENCE that cannot only navigate with determination and foresight the assailing labyrinths between shifting and oftentimes conflicting opposites, but a PRESENCE we can direct to take us where we were born to be.

This is the greatest challenge. This is your Life. This is YOUR PRESENCE in the world. Take it back.

Revised November 2021   

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