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225 – Life is a Property of the Cosmos

Monday, July 15th, 2019

Although we need to be nurtured for a while longer after we are born, we begin to take control of our lives the moment we take our first breath – learning how to manipulate and be manipulated, how to awaken our senses to new environments, how to feel our power, how to challenge our limitations.

Although all these things are obviously critical for survival’s sake, at that early age in our lives they are pure instinct – we are born already knowing how to awake them into action. These instincts had to be learned by Life as it was itself emerging into Life. And then Life had to learn how to clone them onto us through eons of time and generation to generation. They had to be learned if we were to survive.

How, emerging on Earth in a primordial soup – as we currently believe – did Life learn on its own account to replicate itself and move with such determination toward higher and higher levels of complexity?

How does something learn to self-replicate?

I do believe that Life is neither a property of Earth nor that it was here that it had its beginnings. Life is a property of the Cosmos. Before the Universe began to form, Life was already present in the dynamic form of energy, which funneled momentarily into fleeting forms of mass under the force of primordial currents, until a moment when a form of mass and energy reached a state of equilibrium – one became equivalent to the other – and Life, sensing the promise of Continuity, replicated it.

What makes Life special on Earth is not that it exists at all; it is that the living planet has been a nurturing womb for the unfolding of us – the magnificent life-form growing not only conscious of our own awareness, but conscious of the consequences of our presence in the unfolding of something immensely greater, tenaciously self-determined, and Oh, so much, much wiser than us.

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224 – This is Transcendence …

Monday, July 1st, 2019

How would we live, how would we behave, how would we understand ourselves and our world, if we knew, without a hint of doubt, that we are not only able to affect the future, but that measured by what we do with our lives we can continue to be a physical, living, dynamic presence in its unfolding?

We, each one of us, perform for humanity the basic functions a DNA molecule performs for us. Like the DNA molecule that carries the instructions for the development, functioning, growth, reproduction, of the organic system in which it exists, we also carry the instructions for the development, functioning, growth, reproduction of the organic system we call humankind.

Although the length of the evolutionary process through which the DNA molecule has developed into its current configuration is not clear, the role of mutations, environmental stresses, catastrophic events, the role of the individual component, all are and continue to be transformative factors. But even though these factors can often be harmful, or neutral, they can also be catalysts for the adaptation or re-configuration of the molecule. And if or when the new configuration proves to be beneficial to its survival, it is adopted and transmitted to succeeding generations, with the cause of the transformative factor imprinted as a physical, living, dynamic presence in its unfolding.

Our lives mirror our own DNA. We transmit our genes … at least half of them … to our progeny; they carry, perpetuate, transform that part of us into them. It is the same with ideas, they are passed on to future generations according to their significance, with the potential to be assimilated into the fabric of the future.

For us, for humankind, the transmission of information from generation to generation – inheritance – goes mostly unabated for extended periods of time, until a natural or human factor that demands change can be expressed through an individual or a group of individuals who, compelling us to alter not only our organic configuration but the way we function and relate to the world, affect us to such a degree that it becomes a presence in our unfolding.

Think about our simian ancestors who, for a reason yet unexplained, dared to leave the protection of the jungle to delve into the open savannah – that step was so transformative that it demanded the physical re-configuration not only of our bodies but of the way we function in the world. Or think about Copernicus, Einstein, Darwin, to name a few, whose insights into the nature of reality were so transformative that demanded a re-configuration not only of the neural connectivity of our brains but of the way we understand ourselves and our world; their ideas, their discoveries are still with us; they are a dynamic, living part of what we are.

To some degree or another, we all transcend by the mere impact of Existing – parents in their progeny, teachers in their students, scientists in their insights, molecules in our configuration – but those whose imprint make us change course as a species continue to be a dynamic, living presence in our Becoming.

This is Transcendence.

Revised January 2022

Note: New posts are usually published on the 1st and 15th of the month. To subscribe to the Blog, click on the RSS feeder (orange icon) on the left column of the Home page, down below the Archives.