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230 – We are Elements of Something Extraordinarily Beautiful …

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

Science has proven the existence, the constancy, the measurability of Natural Laws in the physical world (motion, gravity, kinetic energy, electromagnetism, relativity, polarity, thermodynamics). Although these laws exist independent of our understanding, they appear to be implicit in the development of all evolving systems in our Universe, including you and I (the way we self-energize and transform energy into motion, power, bonding; the way we generate and conserve an optimum temperature for our bodies; the way we search for equilibrium amid opposing tendencies). But scientists, to my knowledge, have never investigated the inherent Order that underlies the constancy and tenacity that have characterized these laws across eons of evolutionary time.

These laws are the fundamental building blocks that buttress the steady progression of our Universe towards greater and greater complexity and order: Atoms into molecular compounds, molecules into organic systems, stars and planets into solar systems, solar systems into galaxies, galaxies into the complex Order of our Universe, and so on and on in between and beyond.

This progression towards Complexity and Order cannot exist without Direction, nor can Direction advance towards Complexity and Order without Purpose.

This Purpose is how Life has learned to look at itself. This is how you and I – homo sapiens – have come to sense that the Order in which we inhabit, is the same Order that inhabits us.

There is something extraordinarily beautiful we cannot yet comprehend – and we are a part of it, and it is a part of us.

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