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231 – To Render the Invisible Visible

Friday, November 1st, 2019

To increase the chances for survival, the mind of our early ancestors blunted the reach of the senses to focus on Immediacy – threats, nurture, self-perpetuation. And so, we survived, but somehow enfeebled by lacking the awareness of an immense part of our world: the world of the molecules in the air we breathe and without which we cannot live; the world of the waves that penetrate our ears and create the patterns of sound; the world of energy currents through the labyrinths of the brain that entice the imagination to wonder.

Although the world of the molecules and the patterns they collectively create as they interact with our bodies are microscopic, they are as physical and real as we are. But because they have become invisible to us, we don’t see the connections they forge, nor the patterns they create, nor the transformations they go through as they interact with each other and with our immediate world, nor the organizations they fathom inside of us to create the world of our imagination.

There is nothing more present in our lives than the air we breathe. We feel its touch in the softness of an afternoon breeze or the harshness of stormy weather; we feel it in its changes in temperature, its humidity, its dryness, yet it is invisible to us.

And so it is with sound: How it modulates the waves that travel through mediums like air or water to create the intelligible information that assists us to understand and respond to our world, yet it is invisible to us.

And so, it is with the quite common phenomenon we experience when we focus the energy of our sight, laser-like, on a person, and have that person sense it and look back at us. The force that is projected and sensed by the other person is a physical, measurable, detectable force, yet it is invisible to us.

By failing to recognize our limitations, we are failing to understand that we are incomplete.

By recognizing how far we have progressed in our evolution yet how incomplete we are by not being aware of our interconnectedness with the natural world, we may attain the capacity, if not to see the microscopic components with our naked eyes, to render the world of the connections they forge in us and all around us,     visible.

Revised February 2022

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