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260 – Universal Consciousness …

Friday, January 15th, 2021

How can our Universe sustain, amid constant change and across eons of time, the progression of a process self-evidently intent on unfolding into greater and greater levels of complexity and order – from clouds of gas and dust into solar systems, from congregations of cells into self-reflective organisms, from myriads of stars into self-organizing galaxies – if is not for the existence of a universal consciousness?

Our Universe is a system that we assumedly claim to have begun with an explosion out of nowhere; an explosion that has not dissipated as explosions naturally do but has instead turned into the harbinger of Life.

There is no way to account for this kind of development, but for the persistence of a universal consciousness not only intent on advancing into greater complexity and order but doing it with an unfathomable purpose.

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259 – MATRIX …

Friday, January 1st, 2021

Matrix | Definition by Merriam-Webster Dictionary: Something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form.

Every evolving component of our Universe, whether it is an atom, a cell, a solar system, a galaxy, you and I, is engendered as reiteration and reiterator of a universal Matrix.

The Matrix is a composite of a set of fundamental properties [1] that are essential to exist, survive, and propagate, and a blueprint [2] that charts growth and development with a degree of freedom in transformation. [3]

We, for instance, are engendered as reiterations of the Matrix and as reiterators as we propagate it with a degree of freedom on everything we engender– cells, skeleton, progeny – which subsequently are reiterations and reiterators of the Matrix as they propagate it with a degree of freedom on everything they engender, and so forth ad infinitum,

Reiteration with a degree of freedom is how we have evolved from our simian ancestry into the techno-wizards of today. It is how cells propagate the supple order of the double helix. It is how Life and everything it engenders is replicated and evolves.

We are all reiterations and reiterators in the magnificent Order of this universal Matrix; an Order that is as ancient as Time itself; an Order that connects us all with its unfathomable yet self-evident pursuit of Complexity.

But how, as members of this Order, can we sense the interconnectedness, the bond between us and our cells, between us and the Universe?  How can we?

The answer is in us.


[1] Interconnectedness, equilibrium, triality, dissipation, self-creation, progression, reiteration, propagation.

[2] Self-organization, bonding, self-generation, adaptation, self-regulation, self-perpetuation, transformation.

[3] The properties of the Universal Matrix have been derived from my non-scientific understanding of scientific theories; for example, Interconnectedness is, to me, the essence of Bell’s Theorem, Equilibrium is the essence of Relativity, Progression is the essence of Evolution. The characteristics of the Universal Blueprint have been derived from my understanding of the evolutionary processes of evolving systems in Nature; for instance, how cells, or galaxies, or animals, self-organize and bond into cohesive systems that adapt to changing environments with a degree of freedom to transform themselves and their world.

Note: New posts are usually published on the 1st and 15th of the month. To subscribe to the Blog, click on the RSS feeder (orange icon) on the Home page’s left column, down below the Archives.