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274 – On Energy …

Sunday, August 15th, 2021

What is Energy? It is in me as it is all over the Universe. It is what moves me, and atoms, and stars, and whole galaxies, and the Universe itself. It is what gives Life life. And yet, these platitudes are about the best I can come up with in my efforts to try to understand what energy is because I really don’t know.

The information I gather from scientific sites on the internet state that energy is a quantitative property transferred to an object in order for the object to perform work; that under the Law of Conservation, energy can be changed in form but not created or destroyed; that energy, in all its manifestations (gravitational, electric, magnetic, etc.), is associated with motion; that transforming kinetic energy (motion) into potential energy (stored), and back again, is how things move and change; that energy is closely related to mass, and that according to e=mc2, the mass of an object has an equivalent amount of energy, which in other words means that when an object acquires or sheds mass, its energy respectively increases or decreases by an equivalent amount.

See, scientists can explain its manifestations, its properties, its transformations, its equivalence with mathematical precision, but they cannot fathom where energy originally came from. They claim that our Universe came into existence in an explosion – the infamous “Big Bang’ – but explosions, any explosion, requires a source of energy to ignite, and they don’t know where the energy that ignited the ‘Big-bang’ was transferred from.

According to Wikipedia, “The Sun is the source of energy for most of life on Earth. As a star, the Sun is heated to high temperatures by the fusion of hydrogen in its core. This energy is ultimately transferred (released) into space mainly in the form of radiant energy (light).”

But where, I ask, was the energy that ignited the Sun transferred from? The answer, of course, is that it was transferred from the centrifugal forces of the Milky Way. But where, I ask again, was the original energy that created the Milky Way transferred from? Where, I ask, was the primal energy that conceived our Universe transferred from?

A body, whether it be an atom, a cell, you and I, a solar system, a galaxy, the Universe itself, needs a transfer of energy sources to be conceived, to grow, to develop, to adapt, to become a source of energy itself. This is the energy that transforms everything and is transformed by everything. It is the force behind the motion of atoms and stars and everything we do. It is the source of Life, and as Life, we don’t know what energy is because we don’t know what gave it its origin. We just don’t know.

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273 – On Religion …

Sunday, August 1st, 2021

I was brought up under the indoctrination of Catholicism. And when I finally liberated myself from its claws, I came to despise its iron hand, its cruelty, its possessiveness, its greed for power, its utter and defiant imposition of ignorance on those with the need to follow its creed. Catholicism suffocated me. It forbade me to think about myself as the beautiful animal I am, and instead tried to impose the belief that I am full of sin and malice. Catholicism wanted me to accept a doctrine in which the only way to ‘salvation’ was the sacrifice of my innate need to know in exchange for total submission to its irrational dogmas. I always believed in the order and beauty of a universal Being from which my innate need to know emanates. There is too much beauty and wonder in me and around me to ever doubt Its existence. Therefore, I could never come to accept the angry and vengeful god the religion forced upon me without allowing me to question “his” cruel and selfish motives. But amid its abhorrent and power-hungry self-interests, Catholicism gave me a beautiful thing: It taught me that I am created in the image of the creator.

The concept of Complementarity in science and the guiding principle of a beloved mentor that taught me that “Everything resembles everything,” are affirmations of this truth. An atom, a molecule, a human being, a planetary system, a galaxy, the Universe from which we all come into existence, are all unique in our peculiarities and the elementary composition of our bodies and we are wave-like in the patterns we weave with our interconnections and we are universal-like in the things we all do that make us all alike: We all consume energy sources and transform them into the forces with which we change ourselves and our world, we all create, organize, and regulate our own components to fit the demands of our environments and perpetuate our existence. We are all alike.

There are two sides to Religion. One that binds us with dogma, and other that opens the doors to our relationship with the creator.

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