204 – How terribly sad that would be!

I cannot but be stunned by how, without apparent concern, our political and economic leadership are recklessly, insolently, and forcefully driving humankind to confront an unprecedented and catastrophic environmental upheaval.

Currently, with a patriarchal majority, our world’s leadership is bending towards the regressive ideologies of Authoritarianism. And even though we are already facing the dawn of catastrophic events, these deranged men continue to re-enforce the unsustainable concepts of voracious consumerism and unlimited growth inciting the crisis.

As I wrote in my previous post, I believe that the main reasons behind the crisis are 1 – the erroneous perception that homo sapiens is separate from and better than Nature, and 2 – that this perception gives us the ‘right’ to plunder with complete disregard for the consequences of our actions.

For humanity to move away from this destructive perception, it is imperative that science steps in once again in a similar manner to what it did with the findings of Copernicus and Galilei centuries ago and tell us our true relation to Nature. For instance, that as neurons in our brain are completely dependent on our bodies for survival, so we are completely dependent on Nature for our survival, or how, as each neuron is a catalyst for transformation, so each one of us is a catalyst for transformation. We are in Nature, as Nature is in us.

The claim that we need to ‘save the planet’ is well-intentioned but misguiding because it shifts focus away from what we, as a species, have done to the planet. The planet does not need to be saved; it is we who need saving. Earth will go on as it has for eons of time, a bit changed for what we have done to it, but it will go on giving perhaps other species the opportunity we squandered.

Of all the creatures we know of, we seem to be the ones with the highest capacity for conscious self-reflection. We have accomplished much but still do not know much about the Universe that lives in us and in which we live and from which we come into existence. And if we wipe ourselves off the face of Earth, we will never know how those aspects of our Universe become one in each one of us.

How terribly sad that would be!

Revised April 2021   

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One Response to “204 – How terribly sad that would be!”

  1. kirk says:

    Ah yes you have stated it well again!

    It is us – – but likely the very best we will convey to others is for us all to become content with what we already have and cease plundering the planet. That is discrete and understandable. While a change to our greed and dividedness is a big order perhaps akin to a religion.

    Irene and I enjoyed Yosemite last week. Recently impacted by forest fire again. Ahead is much travel to the NW.

    Please enjoy your Autumn ahead.

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