205 – Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? …


Update on my ongoing quest to answer what I believe are the most profound questions posed to the human mind. These questions are the title of the above painting by Paul Gauguin.

Where do we come from?

As a cell emerges out of the self-organizing, self-generating, self-transforming processes of our bodies, we emerge out of the self-organizing, self-generating, self-transforming processes of the phenomenon we call Life. But Life is just a manifestation of a Primordial Source that, amid trial and error, creation and destruction, inexorably progresses toward greater heights of complexity and order.

But because the progression of this Source is evident, tangible, relatively measurable, its power to create and destroy terrifying and magnificent, yet it remains beyond our understanding, some of us call it God, Allah, Shiva, etc., etc. But we tend to create deities when there is something we cannot understand. And even though the progression of the Source is the fundamental origin of our existence, what it is, how it might have been engendered, what its purpose might be, we do not know.

What are we?

As manifestations of the phenomenon we call Life, we have evolved the conscious self-awareness that 1 – we are insignificant in the scheme of the Universe and significant in the scheme of the atomic elements,  2 – that as everything in Nature, we obey a universal mandate to Become, Self-organize, Bond, Re-generate, Adapt, Self-perpetuate, Transform, and 3 – that amid physical laws that regulate our internal and external environments, we possess a degree of freedom to transform ourselves and our world. We are sources of transformation.

Where are we going?

Regulated by our internal and external environments, yet pregnant with the possibilities of a degree of freedom in adaptation, we forge ahead until we no longer can, at which point we begin the inexorable return to the Primal Source from which we emerged.

But equivalent to the significance of what we have imagined,

what we have created,

what we have destroyed,

what we have taken,

what we have given to the world, we may re-emerge into higher levels of existence.

As everything in Nature, the human being has evolved in transcendental steps. Each step builds upon the ones taken before. Each step has a degree of significance and affects our life and oftentimes those of others. Some steps may affect immediate progeny, some may affect entire generations, and some may be so significant that may affect not only the course of our evolution but Evolution itself.

Think of Einstein – how his ideas live among us, opening new visions and challenging our understanding of Reality; or Darwin – how his theory of Evolution live among us, stimulating research in the origins of Life; or Mandela and Gandhi – how their courage live among us, inspiring pacifist rebellion against the tyranny of unaccountable power; or Socrates – how his method of inquiry live among us, stimulating us to reflect upon ourselves; or Gauguin – how his profound questions live among us, daring us to wonder and find answers. These human beings live among us in the progressive movement of our evolution, in the greater reaches of our perception, in the heightened insights of our conscious self-reflection; they live among us, challenging and transforming our understanding of the unfolding phenomenon from which we emerge, helping us move forward in the transcendental process of Becoming. And because the significance of their accomplishments transcended into our lives, we are more daring in our visions of the future, more curious about our origins, more aware of what is right and what is wrong, more self-conscious about the struggles and the wonders of existence.

WHERE DO WE COME FROM? We emerge out of a self-generating, self-transforming Primordial Source whose unfolding we call Life.

WHAT ARE WE? We are sources of transformation.

WHERE ARE WE GOING? Measured by the significance of our life, we may transcend into higher levels of complexity and order in the unfolding of the Primordial Source.

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