207 – How do we get back on track?

The progress we were making early in our evolution to develop an intellect capable of understanding not only our relationship with our own selves but with the Universe from which we are nurtured into Life, was derailed by an unreasonable, unsatisfiable, destructive, selfish level of greed for power and material possessions that has thrown us into an environmental crisis of global proportions.

For reasons that elude reason, as humankind assured its survival by becoming the dominant species on Earth, the pace of trying to understand our self-reflective intellect and our relationship with the Universe, was trampled by greed.

It so that the great majority of our schools teach children not the arts of understanding ourselves, but those of craving for possessions and power.

This is at the root of humankind’s monumental paradox: It has taken us eons of evolutionary time to grow consciously aware of our capacity to reason upon our presence in the world, and yet we allow our greed to obliterate it.

How do we sever ourselves from what clouds our capacity to reason? How do we get back on track?

Revised May 2021   

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4 Responses to “207 – How do we get back on track?”

  1. Mundo says:

    Dear Kirk, I hear the wisdom in your last sentence. Thank you.

  2. kirk willard says:

    Delayed comment on your Nov 1 comment on vulnerability and becoming authenic, connected beings.
    Your note on boys (especially) not being vulnerable and weak is very often the case when considering ones to follow. However, between 1942 and 1947 we did see many strongman “leaders” face their eventual come-upance from the weaker members of the world.
    Perhaps you are correct in that the runation of the planet will occur before we smarten up.
    The world wide view of what people are doing now everywhere is complex as I watch DW (Deutch TV) and others.
    It seems worth while to endeavor to lend one’s support to the improving side of life.

  3. Mundo says:

    Kirk, I watched the presentation by Brene Brown on TED. Thanks for recommending it – truly insightful and visionary – and Yes, a willingness to accept the reality of how vulnerable we are would be an answer to the question I pose on the Post. But in my view, there is an insurmountable barrier for us, as a species, to set that as a goal and try to achieve it; that barrier is the almost universal expectation that the male of our species must be strong, contentious, and should not show emotion nor vulnerability – boys don’t cry – because they are a sign of weakness. Therefore, in a world led more and more by strongmen with absolutely no inclination to show signs of vulnerability and emotion other than intransigence and anger, we are fast approaching our reckoning with Nature.

  4. kirk says:

    Mundo, one part of the answer to your question on how do we get back on track is contained in the Brene Brown TED Talk
    : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCvmsMzlF7o;

    Each being willing to be vulnerable to be connected with others.
    Just a thought.

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