208 – Beauty …

Where has our sense of beauty gone that we do not see our reflection in the beauty of our Universe?

Beauty, as we can see it with our naked eyes, with our telescopes, with our microscopes, is rooted in patterns of behavior and structure that tend to unfold toward greater levels of complexity and order. This tendency is self-evident in language, numbers, spirals, planetary orbits, light, the inheritance of traits with a degree of freedom in DNA molecules, Life, and ultimately, the Universe itself.

Salient scientific theories, like Relativity (self-reflective equilibrium), Bell’s Theorem (interconnectedness), Evolution (progression), have discovered underlying patterns of a Universe so beautiful that is not only progressing into complexity and order but allowing its progression to be measured with relative precision. This progression is rooted in a universal blueprint of development that not only encompasses the self-organization, bonding, self-generation, adaptation, self-regulation, self-perpetuation, and transformation of organic and inorganic systems but also allows us to have a degree of freedom to choose.

This is what beauty is … order with a degree of choice.

Life transforming itself.


Revised May 2021   

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