209 – What the previous post (208 – Beauty) means personally to me …

When I was trying to find the beauty in me against a world constantly telling me otherwise, the greatest affirmation came with the understanding that 1 – I am an evolving system of incredible complexity, order, and beauty and 2 – that I have a mind with the capacity and the freedom to reflect upon the universal patterns that are the genesis of complexity and beauty.

When this understanding was cemented in my brain, it provided a lens through which I discerned patterns of development that sanction the unfolding of Order in our Universe; an Order that came alive in me the instant an ovum and a sperm fused together to create my existence and to begin the process of Becoming. A process that, evolving across eons of time in self-succeeding generations, follows a supple pattern of development that guides me to self-organize, bond, self-generate, adapt, self-regulate, self-perpetuate, and transform myself and my world with a degree of freedom. This is the universal pattern that meticulously organizes the cells I generate in my body, bonding them together into a preset yet adaptable configuration and endowing me with a relative degree of freedom to transform not only my life, but Life itself.

This is the beauty in me, I am Life transforming itself.


Revised May 2021   

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