211 – Inheritance of Order …

Life manifests in innumerable forms of order and complexity. I am one of them.

I came into Life when an ovum and a sperm fused into a zygote that, with the combined information of the two cells, began to generate, organize, and build the mesmerizingly complex organism of my body; an organism that not only projects a mind capable of reflecting upon itself but adapts to changing environments with a sense of its own continuity.

The information the original cells brought into my life was already encoded with the knowledge acquired across thousands of years of human evolution. My capacity to comprehend symbols, discern patterns, give meaning to words, assimilate the fast-paced advances in technology, be awed by beauty and enchanted by love, were already programmed in me.

But my origin does not go back only to the fusion of the two cells nor to the ascendance of the first humanoids in Africa, my origin goes back to the beginnings of Life and the inheritance of Order.

Nothing evolves into complexity without a degree of Order.

When the Universe was begotten, a Creature beyond what our imagination can even fathom came alive knowing how to follow a primordial Order to self-generate, self-organize, thrive, persevere through whatever harsh or plainly miraculous events came next, and then bequeathed the lessons learned onto progeny.

The yearning of Life in me, living in me, thriving in me, urging me to persevere and bequeath what I have learned, is my inheritance of a primordial Order that, out of seeming chaos, has evolved to awaken the awareness of awareness.

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