213 – Life can only arise from Life …

I wonder what will happen to us – humankind – when we come to accept as an indelible fact that the Universe is a living, sentient organism.

There are facts about our Universe that can only be understood thus.

* The fundamental substance of our Universe and of every component it encompasses, including you and I, is made of an equivalent content of energy and mass. These two elements exchange and adjust their contents as they interact with environments – energy condensing into mass and mass dissipating into energy – yet their equivalence remains unchanged. [1]

* Atomic particles are generated in the interactions with each other and with environments; these interactions incite the congregation of particles into primitive systems that only become viable if they can regulate their intake and release of energy sources to remain in equilibrium … one always a measure of the other.

These levels of order and purpose are not possible without a commanding, living force behind them.

Our Universe could not have come into existence in a vacuum; the content of its energy could not have conformed to be a constant measure of the content of its mass without the influence of an external force demanding Conformity and Purpose. Our Universe, like everything it encompasses, needs not only a constant influx of energy sources to grow and develop but also an environment to interact with and unfold onto. We have nothing to compare its vastness nor the source of its majestic complexity, but we do know that its energy and its mass are regulated across its immensity to seek the equilibrium that allows its progression toward greater and greater complexity and order.

Although we are hardly aware of how universal the process of self-regulation is in us, like everything in Nature, we consume energy sources from the environment and dissipate them back as the energy of growth, development, action, re-generation. Our bodies demand increasing amounts of energy as we grow and develop from infancy to adulthood, and diminished amounts as we grow into old age, But these fluctuating amounts are regulated throughout our existence to remain in relative equilibrium … one a measure of the other. This is intuitive self-regulation. We wouldn’t be alive without it.

Although self-regulation alone does not explain how we, nor our Universe are engendered, it is the deliberate purpose of Life in us.

The Universe is a living, sentient organism.

Life can only arise from Life.

[1] E=mc2 The mass of a body is a measure of its energy content” Einstein

Revised August 2021

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