215 – We don’t have a Vision for Humankind …

Businesses, Governments, Religious organizations, Education Systems, Groups, Individuals, all tend to have a Vision, a goal – what needs to be achieved, what we want to be, where we want to go. A Vision is a Promise for the future of the company, the country, the church, the university, the individual. But amazingly enough, there is not a Vision for the future of humankind.

The future projected in movies, media, science fiction is oftentimes a portend of horrible cruelty, darkness, deceit, violence, death; always, for some reason or another, a future in which we are at war with one another.

A worldwide focus on Division – we against the other – is not only separating us but incapacitating thoughtful discussion about a Vision for Humanity, a Vision that could unite us all in our individuality and diversity. The closer we came to achieving something of that ilk was in the concept of the United Nations, but that dream got buried by the self-reassertion of the supremacy of the stronger nations. It is now but a vestige of what it was dreamt to be.

We do not consider Diversity a source of ideas to achieve the equilibrium between us and Nature so desperately needed in this time of unprecedented environmental crisis. Diversity is instead seen as a threat to our norms, beliefs, ways of life.

Diversity is a part of Life. It is the driving force behind the creativity of Nature. We all have a mind, yet each mind is different with its own dreams and aspirations.

I believe, sadly, that in a world dominated by Division and Intolerance, what we need to unite us as a race is either a species-changing discovery (finding an advanced civilization on another planet) or the threat of forthcoming danger (a meteorite on its inexorable path to hit the planet or the decimation of millions in industrialized nations by climate change).

A consensus of the future based on our perception of historical global events is that advanced civilizations are doomed by socio-economic disruptions, the conquest by another power, the consumption and growth that overwhelms the environment that supports them. The examples of the Roman Empire and Easter Island reinforce this claim; they are unequivocal models for the kind of shortsightedness afflicting our civilization today.

Leading us on this shortsightedness is the deceptive idea that to save ourselves we need to ‘save the planet.’ Earth does not need to be saved; the planet, as it has done innumerable times in its past, will restore equilibrium, albeit of a different order once the disruption is repaired. It is we, the human species, which needs to be saved.

The fundamental nature of our Diversity is that Life will always be an unequal struggle for survival – there will always be the adventurer and the demure, the go-getter and the straggler, the activist and the conformist. But when we see the incredible odds of our journey from Africa into our current situation, it is impossible not to see our determined and creative progression toward complexity. Each one of us is a player in the continuation of this progression. Each one of us holds the potential to start a world-wide transformation. Have we not evolved – step by step, human by human – from simian-like creatures into the awareness of our own power to transform ourselves and our world?

Instigating Division, the power of a few individuals has led humanity into a world of constant conflict, terror, destruction, intolerance. But we are changing; we can not only see the destructive power of our divisiveness but the power of organized demand for change. But as with any demand to affect change, we must have a Vision.

The reverse of the world we created through Division could be instead a world where tolerance, peace, love, knowledge, impels us into a Vision where the ascendant power of the human mind comes to understand its connection with the Universe from which it arises into Life.

Revised November 2021   

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2 Responses to “215 – We don’t have a Vision for Humankind …”

  1. Mundo says:

    Thank you Kirk – It is not easy to stay hopeful these days, but one must.

  2. Kirk says:

    Mundo, what a delightful and well written blog item for this mid-month. I enjoyed it and your bent towards hope and practical diversity. Yes, it does seem feasible that by following the guide for maintaining the planet’s diversity we just might ensure our own human continuation too. Very cleaver and pleasant to imagine. Well thought out and presented.
    Now surprising as it might seem I read dozens of small actions(and some large) that are breakthroughs for changing our planet towards “diversity enhancing” posture.
    Some feel our ocean changes may lead to the plankton stopping oxygen production. That threat would awaken most people.
    Enjoy your week ahead.

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