220 – The Power of the Human Mind (Part II) …

In post 218, I wrote about the power of the human mind to lead us astray into behaviors like intolerance, hate, and contempt for life. But the human mind also has the power to lead us into love and happiness. Both sets of inclinations – one that makes us captive to the whims of others, the other that sets us free – are latent in us.

Unfortunately, although hate, intolerance, and contempt for life are not inherent in us, they are driven into our humanity during our most vulnerable and impressionable years and can become the dominant aspects of our personalities; while happiness and love, which are inherent in us, are materialized as something to be valued according to the possessions and accomplishments of others.

But love and happiness are not found outside of us. They are not found in the accumulation of material possessions, nor in seeking control of others by emulating the same behaviors that led us astray. Behaviors like intolerance and contempt for life may give us temporary feelings of adulation and euphoria, but they are not love nor happiness.

Love and happiness are both subjective and objective. Their measure is in the mind of the beholder. They depend on culture, beliefs, upbringing, age, imagination. They are based on a sense of security, acceptance, freedom, and the pursuit of what we believe will make us happy. And yet they are organic because they affect and are affected by the physicality of our body. Love and happiness are driven by a craving for pleasure – the engine of Evolution – the innate need to experience something intensely physical yet rife with insecurity and mystery, something so tangible yet so ephemeral that try as we might holding on to it, oftentimes vanishes, irretrievably, leaving us bewildered and wanting.

Love and happiness are unique to each one of us because they rest in the experiences of the mind and the pleasures of the body. And if their endurance is to be found, it is not outside of us, but within.


I grew up amid oppression, hate, cruelty, deceit, abuse, rape. All I knew was the loneliness of paralyzing fear. But somehow, in the power of my mind, the wisdom of books, and the support of two loving souls, I found the force to see that, if I was to find true love and happiness, it would not be by doing to others what was done to me;

it would be by creating a place where there was understanding, acceptance, adventure, encouragement, fun, and enough space and peace to allow my mind to wonder about the things I love and wanted to understand;

it would be by knowing, intimately, the roar, the feel, the vision, the tenacity of the creative force of Life alive in me, shaping my body and infusing my mind with knowledge;

it would be by knowing, seeing, feeling the progression of Life that, over eons of time, trial upon trial, generation upon generation, learned to take over the gestation of my body, so my mind, slowly yet eagerly, would be set free to experience what love and happiness are.

Revised January 2022

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