222 – How can a mind … ?

How can a mind that has evolved to such a degree as to be able not only to conceptualize the Universe in which it exists, but to be awed by its splendor, its ingenuity, its order, its monumental power;     a mind that upon acquiring the knowledge of its insignificance in the universal scheme, and its significance in the scheme of the atomic world, has grown intent on understanding the meaning, and the wonder, of being a central ground where both, significance and insignificance, fuse into One;     a mind that growing so ingenious as to devise smaller and smaller machines, and instruct them to carry sequences of logical operations to connect not only with hundreds of millions of other machines, but with the minds of their users;     a mind that, upon seeing photos of Earth taken from space could not but be awed by the spectacle of the incredible beauty of the sphere – its home in the Universe – from which it comes alive with the power to discern not only patterns of complexity, order, beauty, and meaning, but to begin to understand what its Destiny is.

How can that same mind, in a few individuals holding power and wealth, come to be so tortured, so twisted, so unhappy, that it believes the path to forging ahead is that of self-destruction?

Revised January 2022

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One Response to “222 – How can a mind … ?”

  1. Kirk says:

    Munro, your challenge in this blog does cause one to rethink your point on the direction of our planet life. All life here seems to care better internally if there is balance at all levels. Just consider how much better we are with good nutrition as compared to sugar based eating yet so many use their taste buds rather than there mind — as the 70 percent over weight in the US. But back to your question, sick people usually do not listen to those who might correct them. Especially if the correctors are weaker sorts. Unfortunately we simply lived too long fighting just for enough food. Give us a few centuries. Yes there will be fewer big animals including the weaker humans. Meanwhile, enjoy the spring time.

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