223 – The Riddle of Life …

The riddle of Life is that we are Life yet seem unable to know what Life is.

Life is our true possession, the gift some of us are given to experience, to feel, to love, to seek happiness, to try to understand what is it that looks back at us when we see ourselves in a mirror; what is it behind our eyes that stops expressing, searching, being, the moment we die; what is it within us that makes us wonder and want to live.

It is about impossible for us to comprehend how trillions of cells can come together to generate the energy that gives the power to be a sentient being, and yet this is what they do. How do they do it? What makes them do it?

Life, at its most fundamental level, is a form of energy that creates the structural configurations of organic systems when encountering the promise of continuity. Life is a continuum; the unfolding of a primordial process that re-assembles with the knowledge of thousand generations into living forms, regulating, and renewing their development, and endowing them with a degree of freedom to transform themselves and their world.

The riddle of Life is that, although we are beginning to understand the pre-determined processes that give us Life, it is still beyond us to know how, when, why, those same processes come together to give us the capacity to look at ourselves     and wonder.

Revised January 2022

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