226 – The New Paradigm (Part III) Humanity’s Destiny …

We came to transmit the shimmering

from which we came; to name it

we deal with a permanent voyage,

the becoming of that which itself had

become. *

I believe Humanity’s destiny is to unravel the connection – the undeniable link – that exists between us and the Cosmos and the Cosmos and us. A connection based on a relationship with an Intelligence that has been deemed by religions to be a Deity.

Throughout our history, the unraveling of our relationship with a Cosmos that is unfolding on a self-determined course towards ever more advanced spheres of complexity has been the quest of great thinkers, philosophers, poets, sages, and wise men and women of all venues of life. But the forces of myth, dogma, indoctrination, imagery, selfishness, have imposed on that quest images of the worst of man’s inclinations – ire, vengeance, bigotry, aggression, control, cruelty, genocidal punishment without regard for innocent life – which makes it about impossible for us to comprehend what a connection with the Cosmos might be.

But aside from the misleading imposition of the worst of man’s inclinations on our created deities, there is a certain truth in the ancient concept that we are created in the image of the Creatorthe Cosmos from which we are created … because it does offer undeniable corroboration of some of our true likenesses to the Creator: We are not only made out of its atoms, its energy, but also infused with its urge to adapt, to regenerate, to survive, to transform. This is the common foundation linking all of Creation with the urge to unfold towards Complexity and Order.

I believe that Humanity’s destiny is to evolve into a paradigm based on the premise that, in our connection with the Cosmos and the Cosmos with us, we are One.

*Lines from “Surge” by Etel Adnan


Revised January 2022

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