227 – Where is Humanity Headed?

What would happen to us, to the way we understand what we are, to the way we want our future to be, if we could see the direction we are taking from a wider perspective, a perspective that encompasses all of us on Earth?

We would see a world where human life is a commodity that can be discarded without consequences.

Where lies are accepted as Truth.

Where the Law is crooked, racist, and bent on protecting the powerful and the rich.

Where the purpose of Government is to curtail Freedoms.

Where Justice is monetized.

Where the purpose of dominant economic-political paradigms is to make the rich richer and corporations untouchable.

Where Racism and Hate are tools to keep us divided and at each other’s throats.

Where the boundless reach of the Human Mind is confined to serving the greed of the powerful.

Where Learning what we are in the scheme of Nature is nonexistent in educational curriculums.

Where Education is sold to the perpetrators of destructive economic and political ideologies.

Where youth is constantly besieged with images of violence, destruction, and a bleak and dark vision of the Future.

Where the livelihood of myriad species, including our own, is threatened by increasing levels of destruction.

Where technology is geared not to help us understand each other, but to spy on each other.

Where disconnect from reality, obscene inequality, coldblooded avarice, torturing unhappiness with the status quo, fuel devastating opioid and drug abuse.

Where millions of us are forced to migrate – by war, political or religious invasions, cruelty, oppression, despotism, crime, poverty – into lands where they are despised.

Where the vision the future offers is not of a better world, but of a world where there is ever greater suffering and injustice.

Is this the world we want?

Although this kind of affairs has plagued humankind since recorded history, it does not mean it is right. It is the contrivance of minds whose aim is to control us with the courage-murdering, brain-washing idea that we are ‘powerless’. We are not powerless. In the indubitable force of our Will, we have the power to create the future we choose for humankind.

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