228 – How Do We Change a Global Culture of Greed? …

What is it going to take for the minds of those individuals blinded by greed in the pursuit of power and profits who, without regards for the consequences of their actions, are threatening the future of the human race?

The mind of these individuals, overtaken by the doctrine that Growth and Power are the measures of Success, is so completely brainwashed, so far removed from reality, that they fail to comprehend the obvious Fact that their actions are driving humanity into self-destruction.

How can someone with a relatively high degree of intelligence, as demonstrated by an ability to run successful enterprises, play with Life – not just human life, but the life of an entire planet – as if it were an inconsequential game of cards? How can they be so heartless, so utterly removed from the destructive consequences of their irresponsibility, as to be able to ignore not only the warnings of science but the impending signs of an environment thrown into an unprecedented crisis by the immorality of their actions?

What kind of paradigm have we created where human beings come to believe that to prove themselves worthy of the predator culture that obliterates their moral compass, they must plunder the living planet that gives them life?

It confounds and saddens me.

I want to feel happy and hopeful for humankind because I know it has taken us eons of evolutionary time not only to get to be the most cruel yet beautiful, destructive yet ingenious, close-minded yet visionary, prejudiced yet tolerant, regressive yet progressive, selfish yet altruistic, hateful yet loving creature on the planet, but because on the path to the stage were we find ourselves today, although rife with  excruciating struggles for survival, we have experienced moments of sublime insight; short periods of time in which we touched the Beauty and the Hope in us – the Greek Golden Age, the Carta Magna, the European Renaissance, the promise of American Democracy. These magnificent moments, although soon obliterated by the force of human greed for power and control, opened our eyes to the unlimited extent of our true potential: To join the magnificent force of Life with greater and greater awareness of its unremitting progression towards the highest reaches of conscious self-reflection.

How do we change a culture of Greed that is not only bringing out the worst in us, but impeding us from achieving what we are born to achieve?

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